Beer "Guinness" Original, in can, 0.48 L

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Reviews of purchase "Guinness" Original, in can, 0.48 L

Tasting Notes


Beer rich dark brown.


The taste of beer is revealed bright tones of roasted barley grain and firm bitterness. The finish is powerful, dry, with a touch of roasted malt.


Tantalizing aroma of beer filled with tones of hops.


Beer goes well with meat dishes, rich snacks, German cuisine.

Interesting Facts

In 2009, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the brand Guinness Heineken Holding under license from Diageo, which owns Guinness today, began production in Russia of dark stout "Guinness" Original at the facilities of the Heineken Brewery in St. Petersburg.

"Guinness" Original is the most beer, which began with the history of the brand. Diadzheo company strictly controls the production of Russian beer "Guinness". Irish brewers control the entire brewing process and ingredients (almost everything except water, purified on powerful filters), imported from Europe, mostly - from Ireland. Laboratory in Dublin checks organoleptic characteristics of the beverage, produced on the market. In addition to purified drinking water, brewing barley light malt and hops in the beer flavors include "aromatic extracts Guinness" which many confused. I must say that this supplement is completely natural and is made up of burnt barley, malting barley light malt, water and hops.

Future creator of the great beer "Guinness" - Arthur Guinness was born in 1825 in Selbridzhe (county Kildare, Ireland). His godfather was the Archbishop Rev Arthur Price. In 1752, Archbishop godson left a legacy of £ 100, which really helped Arthur three years to start a business, creating a brewery in Leixlip County Kildare, just 17 miles from Dublin. In 1759 Arthur Guinness signed a document on the 9000-year lease an abandoned brewery in St. James Gate in Dublin. It cost £ 100 Arthur and the annual rent of 45 pounds. Brewery covers four hectares of land on which the copper boilers, mill, two malt houses, stables for 12 horses and a loft with 200 tons of hay. Arthur begins to produce porter and ale. The first export beer "Guinness" in England took place in 1769. By the end of the XVIII century brewery greatly expanded and modernized. Due to the overwhelming popularity of porter and stout, Guinness Arthur decides to make only those varieties, the last time in 1799, releasing Dublin ale.

In 1803 Arthur Guinness dies, his work continues to son - Arthur Guinness II. As early as the 1824 Guinness beer becomes world famous in 1834 as the beer is produced in barrels and in glass bottles. In 1850, the company is headed by the grandson of the first Guinness - Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, a member of parliament from Dublin Lord Mayor of Dublin. And Benjamin, and in subsequent generations plant expanding, introducing new recipes, conducted scientific work on the basis of the brewery. In 1886, Guinness became the first major brewery, which was included in the list of public companies on the London Stock Exchange.

Now Guinness - is the largest brewery in the world with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million. Barrels has plants in 25 countries and exported to 150 countries. "Guinness" - one of the best-selling beverages in the world, in 2001 the world has sold 2 billion pints of "Guinness" and more than 1 million pints of beer were sold in the UK. Since 1997, the brand "Guinness" belongs to the largest beverage companies in the field of Diageo.


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