Beer Greene King, "Abbot Ale", 0.5 L

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BA-100 91
RB 44
OBBD 6.5
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Reviews of purchase Greene King, "Abbot Ale", 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer has a beautiful copper color.


Taste of beer a rich, smooth, full-bodied, with a good balance between heavy hoppier tones and shades of caramel malt, fruit, pastries, as well as hints of bread, flowers and nuts.


Beer reveals clean, fresh fragrance with subtle hints of fruit (apricot, plum), caramel, hops, color nuances.


Beer goes well with Indian, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, cheeses (including blue), fish, seafood.

Interesting Facts

Greene King, "Abbot Ale" - one of the most popular ales not only in the UK but also abroad. Beer is made from natural "local" ingredients, as evidenced icon red tractor on the label. He means a guarantee of quality raw materials obtained from British farmers. "Abbot Ale" brewed according to a unique recipe that involves a more lengthy process of fermentation, and has a full, smooth and mature taste with a wonderful balance between the malty richness and superb hoppier tones. The famous beer expert Michael Jackson called "El Abet" "one of the great personalities in the world of beer."

Greene King Brewery is located in Bury St Edmunds in the east of England. The first mention of the brewery at the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds can be found in the "Domesday Book" in 1086. The official date of the creation of the brewery considered in 1799, when a young brewer Benjamin Greene arrived in Bury and bought the brewery Wright. After several years of experience and development prescriptions in 1806 the brewery was brewed beer, glorified Greene King and became a classic - "Abbot Ale". Beer was named in honor of the last abbot Bury St. Edmunds, who was the guest of Benjamin Green.

In 1887, the son of Benjamin - Edward, who worked at the brewery with his father 13 years old and accept the leadership of the plant in 1836, has combined his work with Fredric King, owner of the brewery and a competitor. Venture called "Greene King and Sons" was actively developed not only through the combined production capacity, but also a new, revolutionary ideas of Edward ("Old Ted"), who offered to sell beer in pubs, not only on tap, but also "take-away" bottled. The company constantly buys pubs and at the end of the XIX century owns more than 100 pubs, at the beginning of the XXI century is the number increases at least 10 times.

One of the methods of the brewery was the strategy of absorption of smaller breweries, due to which Greene King has become one of the largest breweries in the UK. In 2005-2006, "Greene King" made one of its global purchases, acquiring the oldest and largest regional brewery in Scotland - "Belhaven", and then - "Hardys & Hansons". The company also becomes the owner of a large number of restaurants and hotels throughout the country.


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