Grappa "Sarpa di Poli", gift box with 2 glasses


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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of grappa and 2 glasses
The volume of the bottle: 500 ml
Tin box

Grappa "Sarpa di Poli" in a gift box pleased to present to your relatives or friends for any occasion. Glasses included in the kit, designed specifically for grappa, help uncover all the nuances of taste aromatic drink and create a romantic mood with its tasting.

Grappa "Sarpa di Poli" is produced by Poli Distillerie of two grape varieties - Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Bassano. Grappa has a complex aroma with notes of meadow flowers, herbs, juniper and spices and has a balanced, warm palate with a silky texture. Grappa gorgeous chilled (10-12 ° C) in a tulip-shaped glass, represented in the set.

Poli family for 600 years, their hard work and love for their cause, worship traditions, but with the use of know-how, has been able to reach the top in the creation of a large assortment of alcoholic beverages, open to all the wonderful world of aromas and flavors unrivaled drinks. Distillery, owned by the family of Poly - one of the oldest in Italy. It was founded in 1898 in the heart of the Veneto region, at the foot of Monte Grappa, in the charming town of Bassano del Grappa. Veneto is considered the most typical region for the production of grappa, it is here that many distilleries are located in Italy. The grapes for the production of grappa is going on the hills of Marostica and Breganze, lands historically dedicated to the cultivation of grapes for grappa. The family Poly say: "The secret of a good distillation of grappa is simple: fresh grapes and a century of experience."

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