Grappa Roccanivo, 2003, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Grappa Roccanivo, 2003, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Grappa amber.


We grappa rounded and rich taste - a harmonious, stable and gentle, with berry notes and a long aftertaste.


Grappa is complex, enveloping aroma with hints of sour cherry, wild berry, chocolate and vanilla.


Grappa is recommended to use as a digestif, combined with ice, cigar, coffee custard.

Interesting Facts

From the XV century grappa was simple Italians drink, but years of improvement made it a high-end product, the symbol of Italy, "Italian brandy." Grappa is produced by distilling grape pomace (seeds, peel and pulp) - either immediately after pressing the grapes, or from pomace after the formation of wine. Then grappa is aged in oak barrels.

Grappa "Roccanivo" made ​​from 100% Barbera d'Asti grapes by distillation in copper cauldrons working at discontinuous cycle. Grappa was bottled after eight years of exposure in the high 225-liter oak barrels Allier. "Rokkanivo" produced limited quantities prevyschayuschim 32,000 bottles, each of which is numbered. Grappa "Roccanivo" is considered to be a real man grappa classical type. Due to its intense fruity flavor grappa has been praised connoisseurs around the world.

The first plant of the company "Berta Distillery" for the production of grappa was opened in 1947 by Paolo Bert in Nizza Monferrato. His ancestors, like many of the farming families worked in the vineyards and wineries, and his father opened in Milan pharmacy network, where not only sold drugs, but also conducted research in the field of herbal medicine and chemistry, causing invented liqueur with medicinal properties . Later, he even created and bottled basis for some wine-products - Muscat elixir. Step by step, the plant in Nizza Monferrato becomes known and begins to export its products abroad in special ceramic bottles. Sons Paolo continued his father's work, pay more attention to building a new marketing and advertising policy. Another innovation was the invention of a new revolutionary design for a bottle of grappa, which is still the hallmark of "Berta Distillery", along with the highest quality of produced beverage. Today grappa "Berta Distillery" is imported in more than 60 countries.


  • Serving temperature: 18-20°С
  • Website:
  • Class: Vintage
  • Type: Mono-Varieta
  • Grape varieties: Barbera
  • Cask type: Allier Oak Casks
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Exposure: 8 years
In our store you can buy grappa Grappa Roccanivo, 2003, gift box, 0.7 L, price Grappa Roccanivo, 2003, gift box, 0.7 L — 8 946 rub.. Producer grappa Distillerie Berta. Delivery Grappa Roccanivo, 2003, gift box, 0.7 L.