Cognac "Grand Sargis" 10 Years Old, gift box, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


In cognac dark amber color with a golden sheen.


The taste of brandy has a velvety texture and distinctive notes of almond and vanilla.


Cognac is characterized by floral aroma with nuances of fine chocolate.


Cognac is recommended to use as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Vintage cognac "Grand Sargis" 10-year-old - a beautiful Armenian brandy, which is made ​​from grape spirits aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years of age.

Feature line "Sargis" that in each of the blends, be it even the youngest brandy is added a little old vintage spirits, which are more than a quarter century. It turns out that in each of the bottles, "Sargis" lies a piece of history, traditions and unsurpassed wealth of old cognac alcohol. The range of cognacs "Sargis" got its name in honor of two people at once - the famous general and national hero of St. Sargis, as well as director of "Ararat Brandy Factory" - Sargis G. Varzhapetyan. Sv.Sargis - the character of the mythology of Armenia, which was once for the courage and dedication of the Emperor Constantine appointed prince of the Armenian army. In addition, this person was very devoted to his faith and given the gift of preaching. Sargis met his death in the name of their own faith, after which he was canonized and highly esteemed by the people of Armenia to our time. In addition, Sargis is considered to be the protector of all lovers. The calendar is the day of the Armenian St. Sargis (SUBR Sargis) - a day of loving hearts, which teaches that love each other flowers or sweets, but have not yet met his couple, believed to have been ready to see "future mate" in a dream. There is a legend that says if Sargis contributed Ashyg Garib meeting with his mistress, with whom he remained apart long 7 years. Since then, he is the patron saint of lovers honestly, do not know the hearts of obstacles.

The first company to create a cognac was created in Armenia in 1887, merchant Nerses Tairyanom. It existed on the basis of Yerevan winery, founded in 1877 in the former fortress. Specifically for the production of strong drink factory installed 2 distiller. Technology to create brandy Nerses Tairyan decided overwhelmingly to borrow from the French, whose products have gained fame throughout Europe and has more than half centuries.

The history of "Ararat Brandy factory" has more than 110 years. In the 50s of the 20th century it was a major factory for the production of Armenian cognac and storage, as well as supplying raw materials "Yerevan Brandy Company". The plant has a huge amount of long-term brand alcohols ("golden fund" of the company), large amounts of which allow you to add them in the production of blends even the most ordinary brandies. With these ancient alcohol, cognac receive unique and exceptionally balanced, different from other Armenian cognac producers. Cognacs are based on grapes harvested from its own vineyards, located in the vast Ararat Valley. The plant is equipped with a beautiful high-tech equipment - German filters, modern cooling system, the best oak barrels, superior automation, as well as in Italy acquired bottling line. These conditions allow "Ararat Brandy Factory" meet European standards of quality, continuous improvement and development. Cognac "AKZ" received worldwide recognition and high awards at many international competitions. Due to the stringent requirements for product quality and hard daily work "Ararat Brandy Factory" - one of the leading exporting companies Armenian cognacs, spirits and wines in the CIS and Europe.


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