Liqueur Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge (collection series), 0.7 L

ООО «Бутик Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7713790026, license: 77РПА0010390 from 05.11.2014, Moscow, Leninsky prospekt, d.52ООО «Ритейл Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7716816628, license: 77РПА0012148 from 26.04.2016, Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, d.72, 1st floor, room IVа, 1-5ООО «Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7715808800, license: 77РПА0010437 from 14.11.2014, Moscow, Skladochnaya ul., d.1, str.1ООО «Стор Вайнстайл», ИНН: 9717017438, license: 77РПА0012229 from 08.06.2016, Moscow, Lyusinovskaya, d.53, 1st floor, room VIООО «Ред Вайнстайл», ИНН: 9717049616, license: 77РПА0012971 from 23.03.2017, Moscow, shosse Entuziastov, d.74/2, 1st floor, room VООО «Грин Вайнстайл», ИНН: 9718061246, license: 77РПА0013267 from 04.08.2017, Moscow, st. Staraya Basmannaya, d.25, str.1, 1st floor, room 1, 1-9ООО «Роуз Вайнстайл», ИНН: 9718046294, license: 77РПА0013315 from 24.08.2017, Moscow, prospekt Mira, d.70, 1st floor, room № IV, 1-4ООО «Найс Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7716856204, license: 77РПА0013269 from 04.08.2017, Moscow, st.Sadovaya-Suharevskaya, d.13/15, ground floor, room VII, 1-3ООО «Софт Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7719485100, license: 77РПА0014417 from 22.03.2019, Moscow, Izmailovsky Boulevard, d. 1/28, floor 1, room. I, 1, 2, 2A, 3-5ООО «Софт Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7719485100, license: 77РПА0014437 from 04.04.2019, Moscow, Osenny Boulevard, 20, bldg. 1, 1 floor, premise 275, room 1-5 We do shipment to legal entities according to law.
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Reviews of purchase Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge (collection series), 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Has a rich amber color with a touch of old gold.


The magnificent Grand Marnier Sordon Rouge has a mild, sweet flavor and a long harmonious finish with pronounced notes of orange. In an elegant and complex bouquet of candied fruit notes intertwined, hazelnut, toffee, almond cookies, orange marmalade and slightly bitter peel.


Charms fragrant aroma, which expressed notes of orange blossom gracefully combined with tones of oak, vanilla and caramel.


Is an excellent aperitif and digestif. Recommended sell chilled glasses, can be used in pure form as a long drink or add to smoothies. Best suited to desserts, ice cream and fruit. In particular fondue, macaroons, tart Tatin of caramelized apples, various fruit musam and salads, tarts, strawberries with cream.

Interesting Facts

The idea of ​​creating delicious fruit liqueur Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge was born in 1880, when Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostol decided to combine the brandy with exotic oranges, which at that time were considered delicacies. For the manufacture of liquor he had used several types of cognac from the most famous regions of France, such as Borderies, the Grand and Petit Champagne Bons Bois and Bois Fin and bitter orange peel and secret ingredients family Marnier. This formulation, as well as an excerpt of liquor in oak barrels for 6 months remains unchanged to this day.

Due to this, as well as the highest quality and sophistication drink Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is today one of the most popular French liqueur in the world and is available in more than one hundred and fifty countries. The prototype of an elegant shape and color of the bottle is a silhouette of a copper cube for the distillation of brandy, and gives it additional color scarlet ribbon with wax seal.

C 2003, the company annually produces Grand Marnier on sale a limited collector's series of bottles - Limited Edition.Kazhdaya of these bottles - a unique creation in which traditional forms and the history of the bottles are played designers, and get a modern concept of combining past and present.

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