Gosset, Grand Rose & Grand Millesime, gift box


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Interesting Facts

The kit includes 2 bottles of champagne: "Grand Rose" and "Grand Millezim"
The volume of the bottle: 750 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: silver

Set of two magnificent sparkling wines "Grand Rose" and "Grand Millesime" from the famous champagne houses Gosse in an elegant box is the perfect gift for the holiday family, friends and colleagues and decorate your table! A unique set is the ability to enjoy a different style, rich and fragrant wines, each of which has a strong personality.

Champagne "Grand Rose" demonstrates the complex "old" flavor with hints of ripe berries dominate, which gradually added notes of spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, mandarin and roasted almonds. Champagne taste is full, but - with a flexible and light structure.

Champagne "Grand Millesime", which is made ​​only in the best harvest years, is endowed with fresh fruit and floral aroma and refreshing, juicy, full of flavor.

Grapes for wine Gosset, which are produced since 1584, carefully selected from the areas of premiums and Grand Cru Champagne region. Typical methods can be called avoiding dairy fermentation, aging wine exclusively in stainless steel tanks or old oak barrels. There still wine is bottled in a bottle of the same shape as that used 300 years ago. In the cellars of the champagne bottles are kept for at least 4 years, which significantly improves the quality of the wine.

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