Cognac Godet, "Epicure" Folle Blanche, wooden box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Godet, "Epicure" Folle Blanche, wooden box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Pleasant, warm color of brandy poured in different shades of amber.


Elegant taste of brandy is added originality delicate fruit notes.


Cognac different sensual and delicate floral aroma.


Cognac is accepted to use as a digestif and enjoy it in its pure form.

Interesting Facts

Cognac "Epicurus" has a long history at various times enjoyed French rulers Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte, his prized Impressionist painters and writer Victor Hugo, and today this wonderful drink is part of the menu at the Elysee Palace and on board Air France. Its unusual organoleptic properties "Epicurus" must alcohols created from Folle Blanche grape, which in the 70s of the XIX century was on the verge of extinction. Year of the family with an incredible hard to restore damaged vineyards and now their company - one of the few who use in the production of this rare grape variety. Feature cognac "Epicurus" is that is manufactured using the brandy with different ripening period. Age beverage is determined by the youngest, who 10 years, but the average time spent in oak barrels alcohol is not less than 14 years. "Epicurus" deservedly received numerous awards at prestigious international exhibitions and competitions.

Family history can be traced to the Year 1550, when the French town of Cognac appeared Dutch trader named Bonaventure Godet, whose sole purpose was to adjust the supply of salt and alcohol to their homeland. Enterprising Bonaventure Godet settled in La Rochelle and was able to organize their activities, which was soon marked by the grace of Henry IV - king gave permission to wear the sword all the men of the family Gaudet, at that time was considered a special privilege. In subsequent decades, descendants Year expand trade and to 1730 have already started delivering spirits to the court of British monarchs.

Founded in 1782 by Augustin Gaudet, Brandy House Gaudet became the personification of the history of French brandy. During his long life company experienced different periods, but steadily continued to develop, periodically offering consumers new types of drinks. Currently, the House of Representative manages the tenth generation of the dynasty - Jean-Jacques Godet, who, keeping the family tradition and technology to produce cognac, it ensures consistently high quality. The number of sales is about 1 million bottles a year, says the global popularity of exclusive products Brandy House Gaudet.



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