Whisky Glenrothes, Single Speyside Malt, 1998, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Glenrothes, Single Speyside Malt, 1998, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Light golden hue.


Glenrothes Single Malt Speyside 1998 different fresh taste, where the foreground reveals sweet notes of fruit jam, honey and apples, which are shown on the background tones of vanilla and coconut. Medium length finish sounds notes of nutmeg and cinnamon.


The aroma is revealed gradually moving from the sweet notes of toffee and caramel tones to more fresh citrus fruit, lemon grass and vanilla.


Due to the mild, sweet taste whiskey Glenrothes ideal as a long drink. He will be able to deliver to the owner a real pleasure, to use it according to the Scottish "Rule five« S »: Sight, Smell, Swish, Swallow, Splash. First you need to evaluate the color of the drink, then make a few circular motions glass to reveal aromas, savor the taste and only then swallow. True connoisseurs added to the whiskey just a few drops of water to taste and flavors sparkle with new faces, but in no case do not drink it with ice, as cold whiskey loses most of its characteristics. Much attention is paid to the shape of the glass, it is best to drink whiskey glasses of cognac or tulip shape, warming drink warm his hands.

Interesting Facts

Whiskey Glenrothes (Glenrothes) is born in the heart of the Scottish Speyside. His name was in honor of whiskey one of the five distilleries Dafftaun city, built in 1878. Due to its high quality Glenrothes quickly became popular in Scotland, and then throughout the world. For its production uses the finest malts and pure water from the spring carefully protected, owned by Glenrothes. Caring hands of these masters of blending and aging in barrels of bourbon and sherry give this single malt unusually mild taste with typical notes of vanilla, ripe fruit, citrus and a refined aftertaste with notes of spices.
Each vintage whiskey Glenrothes has unique individual characteristics and is available in limited quantities, by far the majority of this delicious beverage bottles have been sold, they occupy a worthy place in the collections of whiskey connoisseurs. Vintage whiskey in 1998 - the first whiskey Glenrothes, the label which you can see the signature of the new Master Blender Gordon Moushiona, which replaced John Ramsay. After blending in February 2009 for the aging of whiskey Gordon used three types of barrels, 60% of which are initially stored Oloroso sherries and de la Frontera, and in the other - high-quality bourbon.
Compared with the 1995 vintage, which was to be bottled after vintages of 1991 and 1994, Glenrothes 1998 has a greater maturity, so it was decided to release for sale it was his. But, despite his young age, this eleven-year whiskey has a fairly complex bouquet, successfully compete with the more mature specimens of Glenrothes.


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