Whisky Glenfarclas 1961 Family Casks, in gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Glenfarclas 1961 Family Casks, in gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whiskey dark copper color.


Whisky has a fruity flavor with hints of smoke and sweetish notes of sherry, soft tannins and a great long aftertaste with a hint of dark chocolate.


The aroma of whiskey filled with notes of sherry, cocoa, smoke, toffee, cream caramel, almond and nuances of soft leather.


Whiskey is perfect as a digestif, and in addition to the cigar.

Interesting Facts

Series whiskey Family Casks - is a unique collection of elite aged alcohol, which includes 43 vintage single malts, representing a sequence without a gap year from 1952 to 1994. At the company's warehouses Glenfarclas currently maintains more than 52 thousand different drums, including drums, which contain whiskey each crop year, since 1952. Thus, it turns out that the collection "Family Kasks" fall as a result of a careful selection of only the best whiskey one crop year, which are bottled at cask strength and contain no dyes. Such a collection can not boast of any other distillery. All this collection of whiskey sold in individual or wooden gift box.

Whiskey Glenfarclas Family Casks 1961 has a shutter 48 years old (he was bottled in June 2010, the total number of bottles of this release is 149 units), aged in barrels №1326 sherry. This gorgeous, full-bodied whiskey has a taste that can not disappoint, even after the first strong impression of his scent. The finish is very long, it can be fun for a few hours. You will endlessly enjoy this amazing drink.

Glenfarklas distillery was built in 1836 as part of a farm that belonged to John Grant. He put quite a successful start of production, and very soon it became a popular malt whiskey in the area, thanks to its high quality. Glenfarclas distillery name translated from gellskogo language means "Valley of the green grass." The distillery is located at the foot of the mountain Ben Rinnes, which grows on the slopes of heather. It is from sources coming down from the mountain, the distillery provides a clean soft spring water. The secret special bouquet of whiskey Glenfarklas is not only high quality water, but also the use of certain varieties of barley, which grows near in the valley of special yeast, traditional methods of distillation (Glenfarkslas proud of its six largest in Scotland stills) and the duration of exposure in barrels of sherry Fino and Oloroso. Currently, John and his son George are respectively the fifth and sixth generation of the family Grant and continue to improve the art of whiskey production.


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