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Reviews of purchase Giuseppe Cortese, Chardonnay, Langhe DOC, 2016

Tasting Notes


The wine is bright yellow with greenish sparks.


Perfectly balanced taste of the wine combines freshness, fine-grained tannins, reminiscent of aging in oak barrels, and unexpectedly complex structure. The finish is in the style of Chablis Grand Cru lasts incredibly long and leaves the light creamy nutty notes.


Thin, sharp aroma of wine is made up of shades of peach, toast pine nuts, butter, broom and vanilla. The main backdrop for their disclosure are reserved mineral tones.


The wine goes well with summer salads with olive oil, scallops, mussels, shrimp, Italian pastries and sweets.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Scapulin" made ​​from Chardonnay grapes grown in a single vineyard site Trifolera. Its total area is 0.2 hectares, and has never been used for planting varieties for the production of wines of Barbaresco. Because harvested in late September, a small harvest is obtained only 1200 bottles of wine a year. Grapes are softly pressed, the must is fermented at a controlled temperature. Maturing wine lasts 9-10 months and takes place in small 225-liter French oak barrels, of which 40% - a new, and 60% - secondary use. This is followed by additional aging in bottles for 6 months.

Producer's description

Wines Giuseppe Cortese is the dream of every fan wines of Piedmont. Located in the heart of the famous area Rabaja, a small family winery is known for its elegantly balanced wines. They are run by people who have a deep knowledge of viticulture and winemaking, with respect to the related long tradition and knowledge. Born in Barbaresco, Giuseppe Cortese began his career working with his father Giacomo in the family wine business. After receiving invaluable experience and convinced of the great future Barbaresco wines, Giuseppe began to actively introduce the latest methods of vinification, coming to the management of the winery in 1971. He then reconstructed the winery and began the search and acquisition of new land under vines. Gradually, Giuseppe joined by his sons, and now and a granddaughter.

The winery Giuseppe Cortese is located in a natural amphitheater formed by two hills - and Trifolera Rabayya on which the vineyards are divided. Nebbiolo vine varieties planted on the first hill, and Chardonnay, Dolcetto and Barbera - in the second. The climate is extremely important: hot summers and cold winters are optimal for the cultivation of Nebbiolo, whose taste different from year to year, depending on the vagaries of the weather. This variety tends to mature at the end of the season and gives the best harvest in a sunny climate at an altitude of 150-400 meters above sea level in the lime-marl soils of the region Barbaresco, reaching the highest aromatic complexity.


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