Gift set "Balaklava", wooden box


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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of wine and two glasses
Bottle volume: 750 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: black, red

Gift set includes one bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses of Asti, perfect for gift girlfriend and add notes magical romantic evening.

Asti - delicious sparkling wine with a delicate, refreshing taste with hints of citrus and seductive aroma with notes of white fruit.

The history of the company has not Canti many generations. Its origins date back to 2001, when the famous winemaker Gianni Martini, co-owner of the family company Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi, decided to create his own winery in exclusively Italian style. Title Canti, translated from Italian means "song" or "Sing!", Was a reflection of Italian passion and joie de vivre. Since 2002, the company began producing amazing wines, conquered markets in more than 50 countries, constantly improving and introducing variety in the case of Italian wine production.

Producer's description

"Zolotaya Balka" - agricultural company specialized in the manufacture of sparkling wine from its own grapes. Vineyards farms occupy about 1,500 hectares, spread in a picturesque valley of Balaklava, which is characterized by the amazing beauty of the landscape.

Winemaking Balaklava is rooted in the distant past. Back in the 5th century BC, the Greeks founded Chersonesos, engaged in viticulture and winemaking. Even then, in the Black Sea region and beyond were well-known wines from Hercules.

In the 13th century under the influence of Genoese wine region not only revived, but also got a brilliant development for many decades.

The recent history of wine can be traced Balaklava since 1889, when Prince Leo Golitsyn laid in these places first wine cellar Specific department and organized industrial winemaking. It was he who noticed a surprising similarity of climatic and geological characteristics of Balaklava from the world famous French Champagne, Champagne called the Crimean land "Golden Beams".

The date of foundation "Golden Beams" is considered to be 1921, when, under this name specialists "Massandra" State Farm created, uniting several private vineyard land holdings. The main objective of the company - production of sparkling wines on the accelerated technology. In 1930, the farm "Zolotaya Balka" was renamed "Profintern." In 1956, he joined with three neighboring collective farms and on their basis the agricultural firm "Zolotaya Balka", which until 1960 was part of the association "Massandra". Then the economy section of specialization, "the Gold Beam" - sparkling wine "Massandra" - quiet.

On Earth "Gold beam" grow best international grape varieties. In 1968, on the basis of the economy we created a production facility for the manufacture in sealed containers (akratoforah) sparkling and sparkling wines from its own wine material.

Wines brand "Zolotaya Balka" are of high quality, which was repeatedly noted by diplomas and medals in various competitions. They are clean, beautiful game bubbles, freshness of aroma and taste, not just bring fun and create a real feast for the senses!

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