Grappa Fratelli Branca Distillerie, Candolini Bianca, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Grappa transparent color.


Grappa shows soft, rounded and balanced flavor with hints of fruit characteristic.


Grappa has a very refined, delicate, fresh aroma with notes of ripe fruit.


Grappa is an excellent digestif at the end of the meal. Drink ideal in combination with cigar, or in chocolate refreshing drinks. Recommended to be served at a temperature of 10-14 ° C.

Interesting Facts

Grappa, also referred to as the Italian vodka - is a strong alcoholic beverage originally from sunny Italy, which has become the hallmark of this country. Of ordinary Italians drink it eventually turned into a high-end product that can please the most demanding connoisseurs and gourmets. He is considered an excellent digestif and as an independent drink served at the end of the meal. Dark chocolate cigar or grappa perfectly complement and accentuate its exceptional organoleptic properties. Furthermore, Grappa often used component of different kinds of cocktails, particularly refreshing.

Candolini Bianca
- it is very soft and fruity grappa, with a well-balanced, fresh, elegant aroma and a rounded, delicate, pleasant taste. Tenderness, primordial purity and authenticity - these are the main ingredients for success and popularity of the drink, won the hearts of discerning Italians. Her elegance seduces and conquers, so grappa from the company Fratelli Branca has a leading position in the market of alcoholic beverages.
For the production of grappa Candolim Bianca uses carefully selected distillate of the highest quality. Manufacture of beverages carried on the traditions of Friuli region since 1898. The vast experience of the company and its more than 100-year tradition, guarantee excellent taste and noble style drink, and, of course, always a stable high quality!

In 1845, his wife Caroline and Bernardino Branca in Milan, founded the company Fratelli Branca. As a pharmacist, Bernardino in his home laboratory has developed an elixir that cured many diseases. As the advertising of those years - in the creation of the elixir was a doctor Fernet, marked by an extraordinary longevity, in fact, the name was coined Bernardino for marketing purposes and existed only on the labels of the drink. But, nevertheless, liquor did help cure of many diseases and was very popular with the locals. The motto of the company since it was founded was: "updated, but retain" and creator of the company, Bernardino Branca, fully in line with this philosophy - he was always open to new opportunities associated with the development of innovative technologies and advertising, without changing the true traditions and past experience. Since 2000, Fratelli Branca directs Niccol Branca. In 2011, Niccol was awarded the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano Order «Cavaliere del Lavoro» («Knight of Labour"). This national award recognizes entrepreneurs who have excelled in various fields of economy and contributing to the development and prestige of Italy.
In the early 20th century, Fernet Branca has significantly expanded its product range. Due to high quality and using only natural ingredients the beverage became known worldwide. The company still attaches great importance to the tradition, using old recipes which are kept a closely guarded secret and passed down from generation to generation family Branca.


  • Serving temperature: 10-14°С
  • Website:
  • Type: Poly-Varieta
  • Grape varieties: White Grapes
  • Flavor: Fruit
  • Cask type: Oak Casks
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