Beer Flensburger, Dunkel, 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase Flensburger, Dunkel, 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer dark ruby ​​color with amber reflections.


Beer taste is soft, balanced with notes of roasted malt, dried fruit, sweetness of caramel and toffee.


Fragrant aroma of beer malt and caramel tones, subtle fruity nuances.


Beer goes well with German cuisine, cheeses, meats (smoked meat, game, roasts).

Interesting Facts

"Dunkel" by Flensburger brewery - dark bottom-fermented beer. Beer is made from a special dark caramelized malt, which makes the taste of beer a full, dry, full-bodied and fresh. Beer is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516 brewing.

Flensburger - the northernmost brewery in Germany, located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, on the border with Denmark. The brewery was founded in 1888 by five beer lovers, who came up with the idea to use for brewing a unique water from the well that supplies the groundwater flows from Scandinavia with a very old water Ice Age. Today, this modern brewery produces unique beers in accordance with the German Purity Law of brewing. All the ingredients and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and high quality. It should also be noted that the Flensburger brewery is the world's largest consumer of swing-top bottle with hinged cap for hermetically sealed bottles.


In our store you can buy beer Flensburger, Dunkel, 0.33 L, price Flensburger, Dunkel, 0.33 L — 177 rub.. Producer beer Flensburger Brauerei. Delivery Flensburger, Dunkel, 0.33 L.