Beer "Felsgold" Premium, mini keg, 5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Felsgold" Premium, mini keg, 5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden color with a white froth.


Fresh taste of beer, some tart, light, with a pleasant nutty and malty notes, a good presence of hops.


The aroma of the beer is made of shades of malt, grain and fine grain, hop and fruit nuances.


Beer can be used as an aperitif, with fish dishes, seafood, appetizers, salads, barbecue.

Interesting Facts

"Felsgold" Premium - classic German Pilsner premium. With its light taste and convenient tin keg with a tap beer is perfect for friendly parties, barbecues in the countryside.

Brewery holding "Park & Bellheimer AG", located in the city Ayhbaum, produces a number of brands, famous throughout the world. Among the most famous - beer "Park", "Bellheimer", "Bellaris" and "Valentins".


In our store you can buy beer "Felsgold" Premium, mini keg, 5 L, price "Felsgold" Premium, mini keg, 5 L — 1 520 rub.. Producer beer Park & Bellheimer AG. Delivery "Felsgold" Premium, mini keg, 5 L.