Beer Faust, "Krausen Naturtrub", 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Faust, "Krausen Naturtrub", 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer hazy pale golden color.


Beer taste is soft, full-bodied, refreshing, clean with bread tones, notes of citrus, herbs, bitter hops. The finish is clean, dry, with a caramel sweetness.


The aroma of the beer is rather complicated, with sweet malty tones, notes of oranges and other citrus fruits, noble hop bitterness, nuances of smoke.


Beer will be a classic combination with hearty dishes: homemade sausages, strong cheeses, dishes with fried potatoes.

Interesting Facts

Faust, "Krausen Naturtrub" - barley unfiltered beer with a strong character that allows you to combine it with rich, hearty. Beer is made from a special kind of barley malt, which shades the bouquet harmoniously combined with noble hops tones.

In the flow of immigrants who came to Germany after the Thirty Years' War on the government's program to stimulate the economy, was Kilian Francois Mathieu Servanten from Belgium. In 1654 he founded the brewery in Miltenberg Lowenbrauerei, which many years later became the brewery Faust.

In 1875, the owner of the plant became Johann Faust Adalbert. He restored brewery and production and by 1895 became the sole owner of the plant, bought all the shares of the partners. In 1921, Johann Adalbert passed to his son Gottfried brewery. Up until now belongs to the family brewery Faust, handed down from generation to generation. Family members do not just inherit the family business before working in the company they get a serious education in the field of brewing and held internships at other plants.

Since the 1960s, the beer is produced under the brand of Faust, so it seems logical that in 1993 the brewery was renamed from Löwenbrauerei Miltenberg in Brauhaus Faust zu Miltenberg. Since the early 1990s, the family Faust consistently invests in innovative technology, while maintaining a long tradition of brewing and concern for environmental quality.

Since 1999, the beer Faust is available only with plug-swing, in 2002 Brauhaus Faust was awarded the Bavarian Environmental Medal. Beer Faust for its high quality has received numerous awards prestigious competition DLG and other international competitions.


In our store you can buy beer Faust, "Krausen Naturtrub", 0.5 L, price Faust, "Krausen Naturtrub", 0.5 L — 274 rub.. Producer beer Brauhaus Faust. Delivery Faust, "Krausen Naturtrub", 0.5 L.