Beer Erdinger, Weissbier, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Erdinger, Weissbier, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer hazy golden yellow color.


In a thin, smooth, fresh taste of beer felt the tone of bread, fruit, toast, herbs, subtle nuances of cloves. The finish is long, with a mild hop bitterness and herbal undertones.


Slightly sweet aroma of beer filled with tones of wheat, bananas, spices, herbs and nuances of roasted malt.


Beer goes well with salads, cheeses, German cuisine, meat and fish dishes, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

"Erdinger" Weissbier - a real classic in the range of Erdinger Brewery - light Wheat Beer that is brewed and bottled in Germany since 1886. Beer is made in accordance with the Law on beer purity of wheat and barley malt, yeast fine, hops and pure water from an underground lake at a depth of 160 meters, the age of which is assumed to be 2 million years. The technology of manufacture of beer consists of two stages of fermentation: the first stage takes place in large tanks, and the second - directly in bottles for a month. Interestingly, the quality control of beer production and purity comparable to the control in the manufacture of drugs.

Erdinger - the world's largest brewery for the production of wheat beer. The brewery was founded in 1886 in the Bavarian town of Erding. In 1935, the plant manager Franz Brombach bought the brewery, and in 1949 renamed it the Erdinger Weissbrau. Under this name the brewery still exists today. Son Franz - Werner worked for many years with his father, taking over his experience, and in 1975 took over the management of this private brewery and today is a successful business of his father.

Werner pays great attention to product quality, targeted sales and promotion strategy. Production of wheat beer in Erdinger Weissbrau stands on the rich tradition of Bavarian brewing. The company is considered the largest family brewery in Germany and one of the leaders of the national German beer market. The annual production is around 1.5 million hectoliters. Beer is exported to over 70 countries worldwide.


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