Beer Engel, "Kellerbier Dunkel", 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Engel, "Kellerbier Dunkel", 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer dark copper color with a fiery red and opalescent sparkle.


Taste of beer rounded, soft, harmonious, full, with a good balance between sweetness and bitterness.


Beer has a fresh aroma with notes of the beer cellar.


Beer goes well with German food, snacks, meat and other snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Kellerbier Dunkel" from the brewery Engel - excellent dark unfiltered beer with a soft, balanced and full of flavor. Kellerbir - an old German style beer that is produced in the Middle Ages. The name "Kellerbir" translates as "beer from the cellar", since after its manufacture means the exposure in deep repositories. The beer enriched with vitamins (yeast), a plurality of essential nutrients, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients. Beer "Kellerbier Dunkel" made of dark and pale malt and a mixture of bitter and aromatic hops from the Hallertau region.

"Kellerbir Dunkel" - winner of four gold and one silver medals at international competitions.

Engel Brewery, founded in 1738 in the town of Crailsheim, was acquired by the family Fah in 1877 and since then has not changed owners. During the Second World War, the city and the brewery were destroyed, but the family Fah, putting tremendous efforts, was able to restore the brewery and gain a reputation as a reliable manufacturer. Today, the brewery operates the fifth generation of the family - William Fah, famous for the ability to combine carefully preserved ancient recipes brewing with new, modern technologies. Brewery employs 35 staff. Beer production is selected only high quality raw materials and the natural maturation and formation of a unique style of beer Engel takes place in deep cellars. Products Brewery Engel regularly marked by high awards, no one brand of beer Engel, which does not have a gold medal.


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