Sparkling wine "Duc de Paris" Brut

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Reviews of purchase "Duc de Paris" Brut

Tasting Notes


Wine of golden color with a thin perlyazhem.


The taste of wine is light, fresh, elegant, with notes of fresh fruit, white flowers and figs, with crisp acidity and a harmonious finish.


Sparkling wine seduces fresh, refined aroma, woven from fruit and floral notes.


Sparkling wine is an excellent aperitif. It also harmonizes with light salads and seafood dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Duc de Paris" Brut - elegant, refreshing sparkling wine with fresh, harmonious aroma and elegant taste. It is made from white grapes in the traditional way. Dry sparkling wine "Duc de Paris" in perfect harmony with light salads and seafood dishes, as well as an excellent aperitif.

Wine is produced in the factory of the French company CFGV (Compagnie Francaise des Grands Vins) - the largest producer of sparkling wines in Europe. In 2009, it celebrated its 100 th anniversary. The company's founder - Eugene Charmat (Edzhin Charm), who in 1909 invented the akratofor - tank fermentation of sparkling wine. In the same year he founded the world's first production of sparkling wine in tanks in the vicinity of Paris in the town of Tournai-en-Brie (Tournan-en-Brie). The result was a new product - quality and cheap sparkling wine, which quickly won the French capital and spread throughout the world. For a hundred years, the company has become a giant Edzhina Sharma wine industry. CFGV now produces annually more than 80 million bottles, of which 14 million are exported.


  • Color depth: bright
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 6-8°C
  • Website:
In our store you can buy sparkling wine "Duc de Paris" Brut, price "Duc de Paris" Brut — 458 rub.. Producer sparkling wine Compagnie Francaise des Grands Vins. Delivery "Duc de Paris" Brut.