Whisky "Double Tower", 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey light amber color.


Whiskey has a rich, deep flavor with hints of malt and stable oak. The finish is long, with hints of smoke and fruit.


Floral aroma of whiskey reveals hints of dried fruit, honey, spices and bitter almond.


Whiskey is recommended to drink whiskey neat, as an aperitif or digestif, as well as in combination with ice or water.

Interesting Facts

Whiskey "Double Tower" is originally from Scotland. It is prepared according to the conventional technology, consisting of a cooking quality of barley malt, and its subsequent drying obtain wort which, in turn, is fermented, distilled and maintained. Especially for this blend has designed alembic unique shape - it pairs ester compounds are directed up and out quickly, as much as possible while maintaining the characteristic aroma. Drying of malt takes place on fire using peat or bog peat topnyakovogo containing a large number of different herbs, heather and roots of plants to provide more delicate bouquet. The bottle has a conventional rectangular shape and expressive label.

Young plant Loch Lomond was built half a century ago, in 1965, whiskey production started a year later. Its founders - Barton Brands and Duncan Thomas. A special feature of the plant can be called an odd number of distillation cubes (three pieces), which does not like traditional distilleries device. This enables the production of more than one malt. During his story Loch Lomond produced 7 different malts. The plant had to be closed for the period from 1984 to 1987 due to the recession in the whiskey industry. In 1993 it was decided to additionally produce grain whiskey, which the factory installed Coffey-distiller. In 1997, at Loch Lomond was a fire that destroyed a huge amount of whiskey - about 300 000 liters, but the producers did not despair and continued to work. In 1999, were put into operation two additional cube. To date, the annual production of Loch Lomond is 12 million liters of distillate.
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