Dellavalle, "Villa Isa" Grappa di Gavi, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Dellavalle, "Villa Isa" Grappa di Gavi, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Grappa pure, transparent color.


Taste Grappa pleasant, harmonious, soft, fruity and well balanced.


Grappa with a soft fruity aroma, with elegant nutty and floral notes.


Grappa is great as a digestif, goes well with a cigar and coffee.

Interesting Facts

"Villa Isa" Grappa di Gavi from the line monosortovyh Grapp "Villa Isa" is made ​​from white grapes Cortese grown in the area of Gavi in Piedmont. Single-shot and continuous distillation in small stills runs on fresh grape pomace. Grappa has a crisp, clean, harmonious taste and soft fruity flavor.

Company History Dellavalle began in 1983 in the Villa d'Asti, in the heart of Piedmont - the center of winemaking. After several years of gaining experience in the wine industry as a chemical analyst and winegrower, Roberto Della Valle has decided to open its own production in an area known for its wines. He decides to produce grappa - National and very popular Italian drink - to expand the boundaries of grappa and output on a global level. Roberto, as a connoisseur of wine, carefully selects the raw material for grappa throughout the region. Piedmont traditionally offers a rich selection of grapes of the highest quality. Roberto has developed a proprietary technology that ensures gentle treatment of the distillate, and certain methods of aging of grappa in different types of wood give the flavor of the drink by Roberto Della Valle individual characteristics.


In our store you can buy grappa Dellavalle, "Villa Isa" Grappa di Gavi, 0.7 L, price Dellavalle, "Villa Isa" Grappa di Gavi, 0.7 L — 2 690 rub.. Producer grappa Dellavalle. Delivery Dellavalle, "Villa Isa" Grappa di Gavi, 0.7 L.