Liqueur "De Kuyper" Marasquin, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "De Kuyper" Marasquin, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Liquor clear, almost colorless.


Liqueur De Kuyper Marasquin has a delicate flavor with notes of sour cherries and almonds.


In floral bouquet with notes of liquor sour cherries and almonds.


Liquor is used with desserts and cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Liqueur De Kuyper Marasquin made ​​of cherry Marasca, which was grown in Dalmatia, Croatia. Used in the manufacture of milled Maraschino cherry stone, through which the palate there are notes of almond. Liquor was very fragrant, full of floral notes, and moderately sweet.

De Kuyper distillery was founded in 1695 in Rotterdam, De Kuyper Johnson. Three centuries later, this famous company remains a family business. The main company of the company are located in Shidem - one of the most important centers of the alcohol industry in the Netherlands. Here comes the raw material for the production of Dutch gin, which has brought the brand worldwide fame De Kuyper. Production of liqueurs began in the 40s. Today liqueurs account for 80% of all products of the company. In 1996, the firm De Kuyper produced more than 48 million bottles of liqueurs. Now the company is in first place in the world in terms of production of liqueurs, far ahead of other well-known manufacturers. The company products are very diverse, but liqueurs - the bulk of it.


In our store you can buy liqueur "De Kuyper" Marasquin, 0.7 L, price "De Kuyper" Marasquin, 0.7 L — 1 273 rub.. Producer liqueur De Kuyper Royal Distillers. Delivery "De Kuyper" Marasquin, 0.7 L.