Dartigalongue, Pruneaux a L’Armagnac, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Dartigalongue, Pruneaux a L’Armagnac, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Armagnac dark amber.


Warm and deep flavor of Armagnac different sweet plum aftertaste.


The aroma of Armagnac contains mild notes of prunes, tea leaves and almonds.


Armagnac is an excellent digestif, served to gourmet cuisine, grilled red meat, as well as a dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Interesting Facts

Dartigalongue, Pruneaux a L'Armagnac Armagnac is produced from a one-year exposure and azhenskoy plum. Fruits in Armagnac - Traditional Gascon drink that is served as a digestif and as a complement to meat dishes with bold or vanilla ice cream.
Prune and L'Armanyak presented by the manufacturer in an elegant glass bottle. Each bottle typically contains up to 25 fruits plums.

Producer's description

The oldest Armagnac house - Dartigalongue located in the commune of Nogaro (Gers, Gascony). Distillation of Armagnac family Dartigalong engaged since 1813. Then came the famous family motto "My Armagnac - my strength."
As armanyachny house Dartigalongue became known only in 1838, when Pascal Dartigalong moved to the heart of Gascony - Gers department. Production was originally aimed only at the creation of Armagnac. Its products Pascal Dartigalong sent directly to the barrels through the Bayonne port in England and Holland.

The next generation Dartigalong family successfully continued the business ancestor, gradually expanding both domestic and foreign markets. By the mid 50-ies of the XX century, Armagnac Dartigalong homes have been known and loved, not only in France but also in Europe and the USA. Today, at the head of the house Dartigalongue are representatives of 6 generations of the family. Raw materials for their products, as well as distilled spirits family receives on the basis of contracts with 4 wineries Bas-Armagnac.

The western part of the Ba-Armagnac, where the grapes are grown for the House Dartigalong, known for its sandy soils. Grapes grown here has high acidity, which makes the taste after vinification armagnac rounded and soft. One of the trade secrets is also a delay - to her 90% of the used barrels of Gascon instead of Limousin oak. Hence Armagnacs Dartigalongue house acquire its famous spicy taste.
At present the products at home, which is appreciated and advised all the leading sommeliers, is represented in more than 20 countries around the world.


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