Darroze, "Domaine de Busquet", Bas-Armagnac, 1982, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Darroze, "Domaine de Busquet", Bas-Armagnac, 1982, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Armagnac pure golden-amber color with a greenish tint.


Armagnac taste very balanced. It traces a light floral notes and refreshing shades of white pepper and mint. The finish is long, spicy.


Armagnac is filled with rich bouquet notes of iris, licorice and plum, light shades of walnut and beeswax.


Traditionally, Armagnac was not used in conjunction with food. He was fed as a digestif. However, in our time, experts claim that some sweets and fruits can make a wonderful couple of armagnac. For example, almond cakes, apple, orange and vanilla cakes, bitter chocolate chips and chocolate sorbet. And, of course, black coffee and a good cigar with a mild flavor.

Interesting Facts

"Domaine de Busquet", 1982 - excellent classic Gascon Armagnac from family Darroz. Alcohols beverage made from grapes Bako harvest 1982, grown in the vineyards of the estate Domaine de busk, which is located in the famous region of Bas-Armagnac. This drink has a very pleasant and balanced taste. Armagnac aged in oak barrels for 30 years and bottled in glass bottles in 2012. The drink is not subjected to cold filtered and diluted, so it has retained its original flavor and cask strength.

Armagnac "Domaine de Busquet" included in the original series "Unique collection" ("La Collection unique") Darroz family. Assembly consists of vintage Armagnac created the estates in the region Bas-Armagnac. Each drink this series has its own unique character. Grape variety, the characteristics of the soil and climate of each terroir, vintage year, differences in oak wood, from which made barrels for aging - all this gives each armagnac peculiar only to him traits. That is why this series Armagnacs never mixed with each other. For the same reason Armagnac family Darroz never diluted with water to reduce the degree, so as not to destroy the unique bouquet. A feature of the series "Unique Collection" also is that the stock of Armagnac permanently stored in wooden barrels and poured into glass bottles only when receiving an order. This allows you to extend the maturation drink as long as possible. In deference to the masters who created these wonderful burning Armagnac, on the labels of bottles series bear the name of the estate, from which it is derived.

The success story of the family begins Darroz in 1950 at the family restaurant Jean Darroza in Villeneuve-de-Marsan, where his son Francis Darroz, the future "patriarch of Armagnac", worked as a sommelier. Celebrity chef, sacred honor their native land and its ancient traditions, managed to instill a love for the son of gastronomy and fine wine. Francis acquaintance with a pearl in the region - the famous Gascon Armagnac - was inevitable. In search of the best drinks for the restaurant, Francis Darroz traveled to Ba-Armagnac with his father, an experienced and demanding taster. In the cellars of small, scattered throughout the manor, they found a real treasure, poured into barrels and bottles. Over time, Francis became an accomplished expert in choosing the best Armagnac region, and in 1974 founded his own company to extract and sell traditional Gascon brandy.

Some time later, Francis joined the search for his son - Mark, a graduate of winemaking. Again, father and son, driven by passion and desire hunters meet the demands of its loyal customers for many years, Armagnac region examined in search of liquid gold. The headquarters of the family business located in the village Darroz Rokfo. This is - a complex of buildings including offices, tourist zone and the specially designed wine cellar that contains a huge collection of excellent Gascon Armagnac. In its structure - more than 250 different Armagnacs, including not less than 50 vintages!

Currently Darroz Francis retired. Management of the company is engaged in his son Mark, who works with the same passion and enthusiasm that characterized his father. Mark Darroz buys finished products in more than thirty farms Bas-Armagnac. Thanks to the friendly, intuition and patience, he manages to convince small-scale producers to share with them his treasures. Barrels are transported to the cellar drink companies, where it continued maturation. However, Mark Darroz does not consider himself an ordinary merchant. First of all, he appreciates the close and friendly relations based on mutual respect and recognition of the work of the people who have devoted their lives making traditional drink of Gascony. In addition to the acquisition of finished products, Mark Darroz is also engaged in the placement of orders for the production of young Armagnac. To do this, he selects the best performers and the highest quality raw materials.

Distillation of the original wine is carried out directly from the supplier, on imported equipment, or other farms to order. In all these cases Marc Darroz personally controls the process of distillation. The resulting armanyachny alcohol is poured into new oak barrels, built by local craftsmen with old technology, and is sent to the family Darroz for aging in the cellar in Rokfo. This is - a modern two-storey basement with very thick walls and a unique microclimate. In its interior holds about 1,800 hectoliters drink 500 barrels. Maturation takes place under scrutiny Brand Darroza. In order to ensure the best conditions armagnac exposure, it conducts regular tests and monitors progress. All this requires exceptional patience - it does not accelerate the ripening, it passes naturally and lasts from 15 to 50 years. Once Armagnac reaches its peak, it is poured into glass bottles and poisoned for sale. Optimal moment beverage dispensing bottles is very important - it represents the culmination of hard work people who produced it.

All Armagnac Darroze are extremely clean and cask strength. They did not contain additional pigments and bred in distilled water. Handwritten font on the label color cowhide resembles that inside the bottle is a drink made by hand, according to old recipes. The labels displayed vintage year and the year of bottling, which makes it possible to track the age drink.
Due to high quality products, drinks are served family Darroz in the best restaurants in France, listed in the "Red Guide" Michelin. In addition, Mark Darroz delivers his Armagnac in 37 countries.


  • Strength:: 47%
  • Website: http://www.darroze-armagnacs.com/
  • Class: Vintage
  • Cask type: Oak Casks
  • Grape varieties: Baco 22A
  • Overproof: Yes
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Exposure: 30 years
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