Wine Concha y Toro, "Trio Reserva" Cabernet Sauvignon

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Reviews of purchase Concha y Toro, "Trio Reserva" Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes


Wine red living.


Taste wine steady, strong, spicy and fresh, with notes of black fruit and a long finish.


The bouquet of wine aromas felt spices, herbs, cherries, blueberries and beautiful notes of tobacco.


Wine is the perfect complement to the meat on the grill, grilled meats and mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

The mixture of different varieties leads to a more interesting, elegant and complex wine than either of its components separately. In the line of "Trio Reserva" every wine is a blend of grape varieties or three different three different terroirs in varying percentages. As a result, we can enjoy four premium wines with unique and exceptional personality, in which each of the elements complement each.

To create a wine "Trio Reserva" Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc is produced from Maipo Valley, and Cyr - from the Cachapoal Valley. Cabernet Sauvignon wine provides a good structure, concentration of tannins and fruit notes that are responsible for the long finish. Shiraz contributes expression aromatic abundance, while Cabernet Franc adds elegance and balance bouquet. Cabernet fermented in stainless steel tanks, and Syrah - in open vats. Then the wine is aged for at least 8 months in oak barrels and bottled matures month after bottling.

Concha y Toro - the largest company producing wine in Chile. Winery with that name was founded back in 1883. Founded the Spanish Marquis Melchor de Concha y Toro, who invited the famous French specialist Labouchere its winery. Labouchere brought to Chile the best selected varieties of grapes cultivated in France and assembled them before the phylloxera epidemic universal in Europe. In 1993 Concha y Toro became the first Chilean winery, started to export their wines to other countries. The company is actively growing, acquiring new vineyards. By the early 80s of the last century the company conducted a large-scale modernization of all their farms, which resulted in significantly improved product quality. In addition, due to several new series was expanded assortment of wine production company, which is exported.


In our store you can buy wine Concha y Toro, "Trio Reserva" Cabernet Sauvignon, price Concha y Toro, "Trio Reserva" Cabernet Sauvignon — 954 rub.. Producer wine Concha y Toro. Delivery Concha y Toro, "Trio Reserva" Cabernet Sauvignon.