Armagnac Chateau de Laubade 1955, 0.7 L

25 399 rub.

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Reviews of purchase Chateau de Laubade 1955, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Armagnac gorgeous shiny mahogany.


Taste Armagnac incredibly balanced, steady, generous, with the bitterness and the finest oak shade.


Armagnac aroma with lots of vanilla notes, but Rance still dominates.


Armagnac - the perfect digestif, delicious with a cigar and paired with a cup of organic coffee.

Interesting Facts

Assemblage Chateau de Laubade 1955 consists of three varieties - Ugni Blanc (30%), Bako (60%) and Colombard (10%), grown at the center of Ba in the vineyards of Armagnac, occupying 105 hectares. This vintage Armagnac exclusively in 1955. Excerpt Armagnac - in barrels before bottling date indicated on the counter label. Armagnac 1955 - a great drink with a rich flavor and incredibly balanced taste. Armagnac is presented in a beautiful wooden box, which highlights its elegance.

Chateau de Lobada 1955 will be a welcome gift for any occasion and celebration, especially interesting millezimnyh Armagnac as a gift to the birthday with the same date of birth!

House Chateau de Lobada was founded in 1870 in the province of Armagnac, after which the drink got its name. Present prosperity and the peak of his fame Chateau de Lobada reached in the last quarter of the 19th century, when in 1974 it was headed by Jean-Jacques Lesgurg. For the revival of the Chateau, he even was awarded the highest award - the Order of the Legion of Honor. Thanks to his efforts here were created by spirits of the highest quality and is currently in chetyrehsotlitrovyh oak barrels stored in the castle of significant reserves of over 90 vintages, the oldest of which dates from the 1888 harvest. Because of this today at Chateau can be produced in any year Armagnac.
The successors of the family business and Arnaud Denis Lesrgurg adhere to traditional ways of farming without the use of chemicals. They refused to record harvests in favor of improving the quality of grapes and pay great attention to the selection of varieties such as Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard and Bako, of which the Château de Lobada produced two classes of Armagnac. First - it is blended Armagnac (such as VSOP, Antamporel, XO), high quality which is achieved due to the professionalism of oenologists economy, as well as the latest developments in the art of blending. The second class - it undiluted millezimnye Armagnac, each vintage which is 100% made ​​from grapes of one harvest is the result of a single distillation.
Armagnac matures in oak barrels, which are created in the estate. During the exposure of wood tannins stand out, some of the liquid evaporates and the strength of the drink is reduced by about 1-2 degrees per year. Alcohol is first poured into new oak barrels, and then poured into older, that provides a smooth development of the beverage, wood scents are refined at the same time, they appear shades of vanilla and plums, followed by evaporation of the alcohol taste becomes softer. Usually Armagnac kept in barrels for no longer than 40 years - it is up to that age it is able to improve their properties. Then it is poured into a glass bottle or vats where the aging process is terminated. They Armagnac retains many years the castle and its wonderful aroma.


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