Wine "Chateau Moulin de Tassin", Bordeaux AOC

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Reviews of purchase "Chateau Moulin de Tassin", Bordeaux AOC

Tasting Notes


The wine is a brilliant pale golden color.


The taste of wine refreshing, light, smooth, lively, well-balanced, fruity, with intense floral aftertaste.


The sweet aroma of wine is dominated by shades of honey and vanilla, white flowers and candied fruits.


The wine is great as an aperitif, goes well with dishes made from goose liver and white meat, as well as desserts.

Interesting Facts

Ruler "Cour de Mandelotte" - high-quality wines that carry the history of Bordeaux and are testament to the huge passion Bordeaux winemakers for generations. Word "mandelotte" in the XIX century was called stone houses, which were found in the middle of the vineyards of Bordeaux. These strong, durable buildings used as shelters, dormitories, shelters, stores and dining for those who worked with vines surrounding areas. Over time, these buildings are altered, and they have turned into a place of family life. Wines brand "Cours de Mandelott" are the perfect combination of the millennial experience of Bordeaux winemakers and modern winemaking techniques to ensure optimal quality of the wines. This is a true "modern classic"!

"Cour de Mandelotte" Bordeaux Blanc Moelleux - white semi-sweet wine with a fragrant aroma and a pleasant, refreshing taste with floral and fruity notes. Wine Making - from the selection of grapes to bottling - is carried out with great care. The wine should be served as an aperitif, it also will be a good combination with foie gras, white meats and desserts.

Ginestet Company history began more than a century ago. It owns several castles including Château Chasse-Cplin, Gryuo Chateau-Larose, and Chateau Ferriere Chateau Sitran. The portfolio of the company includes a number of brands that cover a variety of market direction - "Marquis de Chasse", "French Roots" and "Ginestet". In addition to production and sale of wine, together with the house Zhineste Florescens has been creating perfumes. It is noteworthy that the scents of toilet waters repeat primary aromas of Bordeaux wines.
Company Zhineste - the keeper of the rich heritage of wine-making tradition of the Bordeaux region, utilizing great terroirs of Bordeaux Chateau to create with the help of high-tech modern high quality wines.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 16–18 °С
  • Aging potential: 5-8 years
  • In the Box : 6
In our store you can buy wine "Chateau Moulin de Tassin", Bordeaux AOC, price "Chateau Moulin de Tassin", Bordeaux AOC — 785 rub.. Producer wine Charles Yung et Fils. Delivery "Chateau Moulin de Tassin", Bordeaux AOC.