Wine "Chateau Mont-Redon" Rouge, Cotes du Rhone AOC, 2015

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Reviews of purchase "Chateau Mont-Redon" Rouge, Cotes du Rhone AOC, 2015

Tasting Notes


The wine is dark garnet color.


Wonderfully structured wine with a velvety texture and a rounded, well-balanced fruit flavors with fine tannins and a spicy finish.


In intense aromas of ripe red fruits interwoven attractive hints of licorice, pepper and herbs.


Nice to enjoy this wine as an aperitif. It is fed to the breast of duck, a dish of white or red meat, sausages, meat snacks and light cheeses.

Interesting Facts

"Brunel de la Gardine", having a calm and gentle nature, is the second wine of Chateau de la Gardin. Vintage 2012 is made on the basis of varieties Grenache and Syrah. The vineyards are located in the southern part of the valley of the Rhone in the region Cotes du Rhone. The vines are planted on well-drained soils containing limestone and gravel with admixture of sand and clay. Traditional vinification wort and a brief excerpt of wine produced in neutral vessels, which allows maximum transfer drink natural fresh aroma and taste of grapes. "Brunel de la Gardin" good to drink young, but it is able to successfully maintain their excellent organoleptic characteristics for 3-5 years.

Chateau de la Gardin, belonged to the family Brunel from the early XX century, first occupied 54 hectares, but in 1963, Philippe Brunel attaches to the estate has 48 hectares, making the Chateau de la Gardin one of the largest private estates in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Today, the family tradition continues Patrick and Marie Odile Brunel. Vineyards Chateau - old, some vines were planted in 1925. Soils are mostly sandy, with gravel and limestone inclusions.

Feature style Chateau de la Gardine - elegant wines capable of long-term exposure. The superb location of the vineyards and skillful approach to technological processes will allow this economy to become one of the best in the territory of Chateauneuf du Pape, occupying a high position in the world rankings.

Producer's description

The first mention of Chateau Mont-Redon is dated 1344 year, when the bishop officially recognized the land as a vineyard. In the middle of the XVIII century, a lawyer and Doctor of Law, Joseph Ignace d'Astier, bought the estate. Anselme Mathieu, who called himself "Marquis de Mont-Redon", continued the family business until 1866 phylloxera destroyed the vineyards are not in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

In 1923, Château Mont-Redon into the hands of Henri Plantin. He planted new vines on rocky plateau and began to experiment with different varieties. For four generations the family Plantin cultivated vineyards, expanding their space and applying years of experience in viticulture.

Today, Chateau Mont-Redon covers 186 hectares in appellasone Chateauneuf-du-Pape, of which 100 hectares are given under vineyards. In addition, land appellasone Cotes du Rhone was acquired in 1980, and in 1997 - in appellasone Lirak.


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