Wine "Chateau Grand Jean" Rouge, Bordeaux AOC, 2014

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Vivino 3.3
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Reviews of purchase "Chateau Grand Jean" Rouge, Bordeaux AOC, 2014

Tasting Notes


Beautiful wine red.


Rounded, fruity, well-balanced taste of wine with lively acidity and a pleasant aftertaste.


Intense aroma of the wine reveals notes of red fruits - blackcurrants and strawberries.


Great wine with game, red meats, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

The area of the vineyard from which harvested for wine "Chateau Grand Jean" Rouge, is 30 hectares. As the ripening grapes tasted regularly to keep track of the time of optimum ripeness. Harvested by machine. Each grape handled separately: passes Cold maceration, fermentation, lasting typically 18-25 days at 28 ° C, the shutter in containers made of stainless steel and concrete within one year, filtering assamblirovanie, filtering and re bottling.

Red wine "Château Grand Jean" noted a large number of awards:
Vintage 2000 - Silver Medal - Concours des Vins de France de Macon, 2001;
Vintage 2000 - Bronze Medal - Vins d'Aquitaine, 2001;
Vintage 2001 - Bronze Medal - Concours General Agricole de Paris, 2002;
Vintage 2001 - Bronze Medal - Vins d'Aquitaine, 2002;
Vintage 2004 - Gold Medal - Vins d'Aquitaine, 2005;
Vintage 2005 - Gold Medal - Vins de France de Macon, 2006;
Vintage 2005 - Bronze Medal - Houston International Wine Competition, 2008;
Vintage 2006 - Gold Medal - Vins de France de Macon, 2007;
Vintage 2007 - Silver Medal - Vins d'Aquitaine, 2008;
Vintage 2007 - Silver Medal - Los Angeles, 2009;
Vintage 2008 - Gold Medal - Los Angeles, 2009;
Vintage 2009 - Gold Medal - Vins d'Aquitaine 2010;
Vintage 2012 - Silver Medal - Macon Wine Competition;
Vintage 2012 - Gold Medal - Vins d'Aquitaine.

The estate Château Grand Jean family Dyulon wine is produced since 1750. Once the area of ​​vineyards Dyulon economy was only 12 acres, but now it is 130 hectares, located in the municipalities Sulinyak, Targon and Languaran on the slopes with clay-limestone rocks, and part of the territory is located in the best part of the Entre-Deux-Mer in the south-west France. Great location vineyard Chateau and special terroirs provide ideal conditions for the production of fine wines. All wines are produced in the Château Grand-Jean, made in strict accordance with the standards of HACCP (Hazard Analyse Criticals Controls Points) and the INAO (Institut National Appelation d'Origine). In recent years, methods of growing grapes used IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which takes into account four main elements: weather conditions, vegetative action infectious risk and impact on the quality of the crop.


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