Liqueur Chambord, gift box, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor dark red color.


Liquor has a rich, multi-faceted and refined taste with a velvety texture and dominant tones of raspberry and blackberry.


Gorgeous, gorgeous and rich bouquet of liquor is woven from notes of raspberry, blackberry, vanilla nuances, intonations and citrus shades of herbs and spices.


Liquor is magnificent in its pure form, as in the preparation of various cocktails and as an ingredient to create gourmet dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Chambord" - liquor super-premium, this royal drink. Even a complete, but very rarely use the name of liquor - Chambord Liqueur Royale de France - its name indicates its aristocratic origins.
According to legend, in 1685, King Louis XIV visited the Chateau de Chambord -One of the most famous architectural structures of the Renaissance, where he was treated to a wonderful liqueur made from the berries of wild raspberry. Liquor so pleased the king that soon this delicious beverage has become a fixture of the royal feasts and enjoyed great popularity among the aristocratic elite.
In the two-hour drive south of Paris, in an area called "Garden of France", the house is located Shambor- place made "royal" liquor at the moment. Liqueur is created from a combination of raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar vanilla, orange peel Moroccan, honey, excellent aged cognac, herbs and spices near the magnificent castle La Sistiere, located in the Loire Valley.
For the preparation of liquor "Chambord" uses the classic three-stage technology based on maceration, as well as three centuries ago. The choicest raspberries and blackberries, insist on excellent French cognac, fully give the drink its rich color, rich aroma and liquor confer unique multi-faceted taste.

"Chambord" enclosed in a spherical shape of the bottle, like Power - a symbol of the monarchy, and the crown on the label emphasizes affiliation drink the royal court.

Liquor was born again thanks to American NGT Sky Cooper. Arriving in France in 1980, he decided to settle in the Loire Valley and found this interesting recipe liquor, which quickly gained popularity throughout the world. March 16, 2006 the brand was acquired by the American company Brown Forman for $ 255 million.

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