Sparkling wine Cavit, "Lunetta" Prosecco

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Reviews of purchase Cavit, "Lunetta" Prosecco

Tasting Notes


The color of wine - a brilliant pale straw with greenish tint and fine pearl sheen.


The wine has a light, pleasant, well-balanced taste with high acidity, hints of fruit with white flesh.


The bouquet of wine woven fruit flavors of apple, pear and peach.


Wine is the perfect aperitif, good accompaniment appetizers, sushi, seafood, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

"Lunetta" Prosecco ("Little Moon") - sparkling wine, produced by Cavit, a globally recognized manufacturer of quality varietal wines in Northern Italy. Wine "Lunetta" made on the modern factory of sparkling wines near the regional capital of Trento. This is the largest plant in Italy devoted exclusively to the production of sparkling wines are world class. Prosecco grapes to create wines hand picked and vinified using the method of Sharma: with a temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel and secondary fermentation in sealed tanks for 30 days. Then the wine is quickly bottled and sold. Low-cost and high-quality sparkling "Lunetti" is perfectly suited for small everyday pleasures.

"Lunetti" Prosecco is the recipient of a number of high awards and titles in international competitions:
- Silver medal at the "International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2014;
- A bronze medal at the "International Wine Challenge, 2014";
- The status of "recommended" to "Decanter World Wine Awards, 2013";
- A bronze medal at the "International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2013";
- The status of "recommended" to "International Wine Challenge, 2013";
- Silver medal at the "International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2012";
- Silver medal at the "San Diego International Wine Competition, 2012";
- A bronze medal at the "International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2011";
- The status of "recommended" to "International Wine Challenge, 2011";
- A bronze medal at the "Japan Wine Challenge, 2011".

The company "Cavit", in existence since 1950 - a community, a corporate group established winemakers Trentino in order to increase control over the quality of wines produced and simplify the process. Today "Cavite", lying on the north-east of Italy, takes care of almost 4500 small wineries, protecting their interests. "Cavit" produces more than half of all wine produced per year in the region of Trentino (65%). The total vineyard area of ​​the company is 7000 ha.


  • Color depth: pale
  • Body/Saturation: lung
  • Serving temperature: 8-10 °C
  • Website:
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