Castello Banfi, "Col di Sasso" 2012 & "Centine" 2011


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Interesting Facts

The kit includes 2 bottles of wine


The volume of the bottle: 750 ml


Wooden box
Color box: red

The volume of the bottle: 750 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: red


Buying a wine kit "Col di Sasso" 2012 & "Centine" in 2011, you can get acquainted with the great Tuscan red wines famous Italian producer Castello Banfi.

"Col di Sasso" is one of the most famous wines of Castello Banfi. This young, bright and easy-drinking wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon (70%) and Sangiovese (30%), grown in the most rugged and impassable places Banfi estate in Montalcino.

"Centine" , produced from Sangiovese (60%), Merlot (20%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), has an incredible elegance and freshness, great drink and great for everyday use in combination with many dishes. It is part of the classic line of wines Castello Banfi, reflect the authentic nature of Tuscany.




Castello Banfi - is a thriving family business, which is recognized throughout the world for the highest quality products. The total vineyard area is more than 800 hectares. Plant Castello Banfi is the first in the world, which is recognized as absolutely correct from an ethical, social and, most importantly, the ecological point of view. He also holds a leading position in terms of customer satisfaction.





Agriculture Castello Banfi repeatedly to conquer titles, including "Best International Winery of the Year" and the title of "Best Italian Winery of the Year", whose economy is rewarded 9 times!

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