"Captain Morgan" Black Spiced, gift box with 2 glasses


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Interesting Facts

The kit includes two bottles of rum and a set of playing cards
Bottle volume: 500 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: red

A set of "The Legend of parties", including two bottles of golden rum "Captain Morgan" Spaysd Gold and colorful collector's deck of playing cards in the style of Captain Morgan, will have fun and recklessly spend an evening with family and friends.

First introduced in 1983, Rum "Captain Morgan" Spaysd Gold immediately won recognition in the United States, Canada and the UK, and later around the world, and in fact marked the emergence of a new segment in the traditional categories of Roma - spiced rum. The reason for the huge success of the drink - a unique recipe with exotic spices from the islands of the Caribbean, as well as an extract for 2 years in oak barrels of bourbon. "Captain Morgan" Spiced Gold has a very mild flavor with hints of spice and fruit, while retaining the richness of the classic novel. Combining the carefree Jamaican and British quality, it is steeped in an aura of legendary pirate adventure and has an individual contemporary style.

Captain Morgan Rum has an interesting history, as it was first created by a real pirate Henry Morgan, whose name inspired terror in the Caribbean islands. Its history of piracy ended in 1671, when Spain and England signed a peace treaty, and in 1673 for his services to England, he was awarded the title of Sir and was appointed vice-governor of Jamaica, where he created the original recipe pirate drink. These days, the bulk of the production of rum Captain Morgan is also carried out in Jamaica, where the choice of Jamaican cane retifikatsionnyh columns continuous type, a distillate of the highest quality. The resulting alcohol is delivered to England, where rum and aged in oak barrels.

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