Wine "Campo Viejо" Reserva, Rioja DOC

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Reviews of purchase "Campo Viejо" Reserva, Rioja DOC

Tasting Notes


The wine is dark garnet color with brick highlights.


The wine has a balanced, harmonious taste with individual character and soft, velvety tannins. The aftertaste is pleasant, with a touch of vanilla.


Intense aroma of the wine is characterized by notes of ripe berries and spices, hints of chocolate and vanilla subtle train.


The wine matches perfectly with braised and roasted red meat, all kinds of soft cheeses, and mushrooms. Especially perfectly paired with roasted lamb.

Interesting Facts

The secret to the popularity of red wine "Campo Viejo" Reserva is enclosed in a special balanced blend of three well-known Spanish grape varieties - Tempranillo, Graciano and Masuelo. The key to the quality of wine is carefully monitoring the grape ripening process. Manual harvesting begins in October. After careful crushing fruit carried maceration, enhances flavor. Fermentation of wort takes place in steel tanks at a fixed temperature. Upon completion of this process the wine for 18 months aged in barrels made of French (50%) and American (50%) oak that reports fault "Campo Viejo" Reserva aroma of vanilla and spices. The subsequent 18 months sohranetsya wine bottles in the cellar of the winery.

The main wine-growing region of La Rioja is Spain - the area in which was born the tradition of winemaking, originating in the era of the Roman Empire. Accumulated since then the knowledge and experience of local winemakers passed down from generation to generation, that allows you to create unique, complex and increasingly high-quality wine.
Among the wines of Rioja occupies a special place products of the winery Campo Viejo, based on these fertile soils in 1959. High quality of products of the winery "Campo Viejo" owes much to the unique natural conditions of the Rioja region. Protected from the north and south of the mountains of Sierra de Cantabria and the Sierra de la Demanda, located in a valley overflowing of the river Ebro in the town of Logroño, winery occupies nearly 400 acres of land. However, apart from this area, the winery Campo Viejo also owns other vineyards with total length of 1900 hectares of vines on the age of not less than 20 years.

The variety of soils and climate of the unique terroir of Rioja allows to divide the area into regions, each of which are formed by a variety of conditions for growing grapes. The climatic conditions of the area Rioja Alta (Rioja Alta) are ideal for grape birthday with a light and fresh taste. Berries, originating from the average between the Mediterranean and continental climate Rioja Alavesa (Rioja Alavesa), give the wine a full flavor, and fruit from the hot and arid region Rioja Baja (Rioja Baja) give rise to very deep wine. The combination of these factors creates a true taste of the beverage winery Campo Viejo. Most of the landings in Rioja is Tempranillo grape varieties, but the conditions in the region is ideal for growing a wide variety of grades.

Winery Campo Viejo is built with the latest technology, with particular attention to the protection and environmental protection, in full harmony with the surrounding landscape. In the vineyards of grapes ripening process is controlled very carefully, taking into account the instructions for cultivation and care of the vines, created specifically for each site. At the winery, in spite of the equipping of the most advanced equipment, prefer traditional methods of production. For example, when the process for the production of juice vinification wine is obtained only by the weight of fruit, without the use of mechanical presses. A wine extract is carried out for a long time in barrels of French and American oak.
High wine quality control in the La Rioja region allows manufacturers to use and affix the label DOC - "Denominación de Origen Salificada", which means the highest quality wines. Not surprisingly, the products of the winery Campo Viejo - the recipient of numerous prizes and awards. In addition to the main line of wines "Campo Viejo", the winery produces other brands, "Alcorta" and "Azpilicueta."

Currently, the brand "Campo Viejo" owned by the French giant Pernod Ricard, the owner of brands of whiskey Jameson and Chivas Regal, Olmeca tequila, cognac Martell and Bisquit, gin-site Beefeater, wine Brancott, Perrier Jouet champagne and other brands.


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