Vodka "Bulbash Birch leaves", 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Bulbash Birch leaves", 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent color.


Velvety and light taste of vodka is soft and delicate fruity nuances.


Vodka has a subtle scent of smoke and tar with hints of lime blossom and birch buds.


Vodka served as an aperitif and digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Bulbash Birch leaves" - smooth vodka with a delicate taste and a delicate, slightly resinous aroma. The key ingredients are present infusion of lime blossom and raisins, linden flower extract and sugar syrup. Vodka is an excellent aperitif and digestif.
Among the awards received vodka "Bulbash Birch leaves," there's a silver medal of the competition "The best vodka of the year 2011" and a gold medal at the exhibition "PRODEXPO-2011".

"Bulbash" - well-known Belarusian brand, under the brand name which in 2004 produced vodka, salves and tinctures. Products "Bulbash" is created based on traditional recipes, multiplied by modern production methods. So, specifically for the beverage brand "Bulbash" system was introduced silver filters, which not only removes impurities, but also softens the final product. Experts speak about the brand "Bulbash" as a promising direction, and buyers appreciate the drinks line for natural ingredients, soft and harmonious taste.

Winery "Dionysus", opened in 2003, located in the suburbs of the Belarusian Zaslaul. The production is equipped with modern Italian equipment and raw materials supplied to the plant from Europe and Moldova. The range of the plant has almost a hundred wines, and it includes the brands "Bulbash" and "Good Shklyanka" representing famous Belarusian vodka and liqueurs. Most of the products produced by the plant is exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Baltic countries, as well as Germany and Israel.


In our store you can buy vodka "Bulbash Birch leaves", 0.5 L, price "Bulbash Birch leaves", 0.5 L — 397 rub.. Producer vodka Dionis. Delivery "Bulbash Birch leaves", 0.5 L.