Beer "Budweiser Budvar" Svetly Lezak, in can, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Budweiser Budvar" Svetly Lezak, in can, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer bright golden color with a large white hat.


Taste of the beer refreshing, smooth, well-balanced sweetish notes of malt and hop bitterness, nuances of flowers, herbs, green apple, grape, dry aftertaste.


Beer has a slight malty aroma with hints of flowers, herbs and hops.


Beer goes well with curries, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, cheeses, including blue.

Interesting Facts

"Budweiser Budvar" Svetly Lezak - excellent light lager, well known to all lovers of good beer. As a trademark beer "Budweiser Budvar" was registered only in 1930, but it is brewed since 1895. Its uniqueness is guaranteed not only high quality ingredients - a magnificent barley malt, hops and unique natural water from deep artesian wells, but also the long time of maturation in the cellars in the storage tanks for 90 days. During this time, the taste of beer softens, improves overall balance and harmony, removes unwanted aromatic impurities. Play a significant role and the microclimate in the brewery and mastery of the Brewers, passed down from generation to generation that's been going on for 750 years (that is how much beer is brewed in Ceske Budejovice).

Uniqueness and originality of beer recognized by the European Union, for which in May 2004 received the right to use the mark on the label statement "Protected Geographical Name", which is produced products, "tied" to the place of origin and made ​​recognizable in a traditional style.

Direct predecessor of Budweiser Budvar - Czech brewery Share was founded in the late XIX century, the first batch of beer this plant was released October 1, 1895. Beer differed so high quality and excellent taste, that in a year at the industrial exhibition in Prague, he was awarded a gold medal, and in the beginning of XX century beer from Share Brewery was already very well known abroad. The plant grew, expanded and modernized. In 1922, three wells were drilled with artesian water quality, which further improve the taste of the beer produced.

In 1936, the factory changed its name to "Cesky akciovy pivovar Ceske Budejovice". In 1967, at the base of the plant was created an independent entity - a national company Budweiser Budvar, the activity of which was export-oriented. A significant breakthrough in the development of the enterprise took place after 1989, when just a few years managed to increase beer sales almost doubled.

Today Budweiser Budvar national enterprise is a modern and active company with excellent economic results and significant investments in its development. Part of the profit the company each year go to support culture, education and health systems. The company regularly introduces new products. So, in 2004, was released dark lager "Budweiser Budvar", in 2005 - a modern and practical package of draft beer in cans. Each year, the brewery has more than 40,000 tourists, which shows the production of beer and beer tasting in the cellar.


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