"Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974, gift tube, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Bristol Classic Rum, "Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974, gift tube, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Dark rum with hints of old gold and green reflections on the edges acquired from contact with the wood.


Rum has a taste of the incredible complexity and length, combining bright oak notes with hints of sweet fruit and a subtle shade of resin.


The aroma of the beverage reveals the deep, soft fruity notes with hints of baked apples and bananas, giving rum wonderful sweetness.


Rum drink slowly and thoughtfully, enjoying every sip, because the drink itself is history. Recommended to be served with a glass of mineral water quality.

Interesting Facts

"Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974 was produced in 1974 at the plant Caroni. Not so long ago the plant was closed, which means that rum "Caroni" is a part of history and will no longer be produced. Distillation of rum produced in the alembic of copper distillation column Caroni. Kept rum in the Caribbean for 34 years in storage, with high temperature. This was the reason for the strong evaporation and led to a very intensive extraction of timber. Bottling rum was brought to the UK. "Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974 is considered one of the oldest Roma in the region.

The company "Bristol Classic Rum" belongs to a talented leader, Englishman John Barrett. In 1985 he founded the production of cognac, which has been very successful in the early '90s it was sold to the French. In 1993, John founded the company in the city of Bristol "Bristol Spirits Ltd", which belongs "Bristol Classic Rum". Bristol has historically been an important port, which the British fleet used as a base for their ships. In the 1700s, brought here a lot of rum, which had to be stored somewhere. And then it turned out that moist cool climate Bristol is ideal for storage and aging of the drink.

Today "Bristol Classic Rum" - an internationally recognized company specializing in the best Romakh from around the world. Only 8 years the company has established export trade with the largest countries in the world. John Barrett has traveled around the world to choose from hundreds of different manufacturers best rum. The production volume is small. With individual plants selected a small number of Roma to show it in its pure form, rather than as a part of the lens hood. All are bottled in the UK. Rohm not subjected to cold filtration. Currently, the collection includes over 10 rare rums with a unique style from around the world. John Barrett believes that the exposure - a very important process, and so today he is experimenting in this direction, using the last stage of the white oak barrels, new French oak barrels previously used for aging bourbon, Madeira, sherry and port. He carefully selects each barrel of rum right, which, in his opinion, will complement the character of the drink.


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In our store you can buy rum Bristol Classic Rum, "Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974, gift tube, 0.7 L, price Bristol Classic Rum, "Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974, gift tube, 0.7 L — 24 834 rub.. Producer rum Bristol Classic Rum. Delivery Bristol Classic Rum, "Caroni" Finest Trinidad Rum, 1974, gift tube, 0.7 L.