Beer "Asterie" Blanch, 0.75 L

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Reviews of purchase "Asterie" Blanch, 0.75 L

Tasting Notes


Beer opaque yellow.


Beer taste very fresh, smooth, easy drinking, pleasant, with subtle notes of fruit (orange, lemon, apricot) and spices (white coriander).


Beer has a rich fruity aroma with notes of citrus.


Beer goes well with cheese (sharp, edam, feta), salads, fish and poultry, clams, mussels, soups, snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Asterie" Blanch - unfiltered wheat beer premium, which is a symbol of exquisite pleasure, inspiration and new discoveries. This is evidenced not only the name of the beer ("asterie" in French means "star" - a symbol of discoveries, journeys and dreams come true), but also its unique taste. The fact that the composition includes not only beer, wheat and barley malt, artesian water and high-quality hops, and savory spices and herbs - orange zest from the island of Curacao and coriander from Asia. All the ingredients are completely natural.

Exclusive recipe saved brewers Brasserie d'Ekossinn, unusual ingredients and the method of secondary fermentation in the bottle can create a beer with a very fresh, unique taste. To save when filling bottles used a thick dark brown glass. To fully enjoy a beer "Asteri" Blanche, it is strongly recommended to use chilled in special glasses in the shape of a tulip on a stalk.

Brasserie d'Ekossinn - is a complex, which includes a brewery, built in the style of a rural farm and inn, restaurant, rooms for banquets and seminars. Despite the fact that the brewery has existed for a long time, fame and recognition she has won since 2000, when it was acquired by a married couple Van Poucke. The rapid growth in popularity of products under the brand name "d'Ekossinn" made to increase production and expand the range of beers. Most of the production is exported, even brewery produces beer exclusively for the Australian market.


  • Serving temperature: 2-3°С
  • Composition: Grain mix, Wheat, Fruit, Hop
  • Technology maturation: Bottle Conditioning
  • Thermaltreatment type: Other
  • Density: 11.7%
  • Type of container: Bottle
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