Whisky Bowmore Black 42 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Bowmore Black 42 Years Old, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whiskey dark amber.


In the taste of whiskey notes appear ripe mango, toffee and dark chocolate with a faint tinge of haze.


Whisky has an incredible aroma of exotic fruits, ginger and cinnamon.


Whiskey goes well with fruit, cigar and coffee.

Interesting Facts

Whisky Bowmore Black 42 Years Old - this is a very old whiskey 42 years of aging. Each bottle is made of green silk glass, hand-numbered. Whiskey sold in an elegant wooden box and can be luxurious and original gift.


Distillery Bowmore (Bomo) was founded in 1779, near the town of the same name, and is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Bomo was the oldest, but not the only distillery in the area. The city grew and expanded along with the demand for whiskey. As a result, next to the plant Bomo, a host of handicraft industries involved in the production of whiskey.

Bomo founder was David Simpson. However, in subsequent years, the distillery changed a lot of owners. Simpson family sold the distillery in 1837 Bomo entrepreneur from Glasgow - James Ottomans that it has significantly expanded. The rich and fertile soil with peat Bomo allows you to collect a good harvest of wheat and barley. Then, in 1852, the Ottomans sell distillery, and until 1925 it passes into the possession of W & J. Mutter, then a change of ownership - Bomo distilled goes to William Grigor & Sons Ltd until 1950. And during the Second World War in buildings distillery located headquarters of the naval forces.

A new step in its development distillery was in 1963, when it was acquired by Stanley Morrison, founder of Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd. Morrison has been actively engaged in the export of products and because of this in the coming years whiskey Bomo were presented to the international market. Whiskey Bomo received numerous awards at international exhibitions, as well as delivered to the royal court.

Still distillery Bomo uses its own production to add barley. The method of drying barley in Bomo traditional, barley overturned wooden shovel by hand, this method for hundreds of years. Drying barley is going on here in a shorter time than is generally, as well as the distillery has three floors to dry. Water is used for the production of the nearby River Laggala, which runs through the rich peat areas, which gives the whiskey a special "peat" flavor. Also on the distillery Bomo still used old warehouses located below sea level, so drink more saturated with salty flavors.


Bowmore whiskey called the most balanced in taste and aroma of whiskey on the island of Islay. Range of malt whiskeys is impressive because it includes the age range from 12 to 40 years or more, against which to judge the evolution of the drink, as well as a collection of vintage versions.

Bomo now is one of the most famous and best-selling whiskey in the world. In 1994, Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd became part of the Japanese company Suntory. Bomo 1995 received the title of "Best Manufacturer of the Year" at the International Spirits Competition (IWSC). Just distillery Bomo repeatedly awarded the Queen's Award for special achievements in export. In 1981, the Queen personally visited the distillery. In 2000 he received the title of Bomo "Best Distillery" in the competition "World Spirits Competition". Bomo today among the top ten of the world market for the sale of Scotch whiskey.

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