Rum "Botucal" Reserva Exclusiva, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Rum copper color with hints of mahogany.


Rum has a rich and full-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate sauce, caramel and ripe tropical fruits. In the aftertaste shades of dark chocolate, vanilla and orange.


Complex bouquet reveals notes of rum fruit cake, ice cream with rum and raisins, hints of cocoa, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Over time, the bouquet is manifested notes of baked banana, toffee, vanilla and oak nuances of gingerbread and orange peel intonation.


Rum is best enjoyed in its purest form.

Interesting Facts

Rum "Botucal" (also called "Diplomatico") is made ​​from carefully selected raw materials in large factories for the production of alcoholic beverages in Venezuela. Name "Botucal", which is used as an alternative brand in different countries, appeared thanks scenic area where sugar cane for the production of rum. The word "botuka" is translated from the local dialect Venezuelan means "green mountain". The main part of the secret of success lies in the Venezuelan rum environmentally friendly raw materials, which is possible due to natural methods of cultivation of sugar cane plantations which spread at the foot Andino with sources close to proceeding with the purest spring water.

In 1959, the distillery, which produces a unique rum "Botukal" were brought different distillation systems from around the world. Today, the company has at its disposal 7 different distiller. Among them, only in Venezuela stills from Scotland, allowing the drink to give a great sweet and buttery flavor, and stills from Canada, through which acquires powerful rum cream flavor. Another effective and modern look distillation used in the enterprise, carried out in distillation "columns", and thus obtained alcohols with a strong, dry and clean taste and subtle aroma of use for young Roma.
Stand rum "Botukal" in barrels made of white American oak cellars Hacienda Saruro from 2 to 12 years - first rum "resting" in barrels of bourbon, and then moved to the drums of Scotch whiskey. Tito Cordero, founder of Roma "Botukal" in 2011 was recognized as the best master miksogologii and was awarded the highest award "Golden Rum Barrels Awards".
Stunning Venezuelan rum "Botukal" Reserve Exclusive amazing first-class quality will be a worthy gift to true connoisseurs of this drink!

Excellent rum 12-Year Old "Botucal" Reserva Exclusiva with a complex bouquet and a rich, full-bodied taste has won many awards at international competitions and exhibitions, among them:
- 2 bronze, 6 silver, 10 gold, two double gold medals;
- The title of "Best of Class" at the contest "International Tasting Competition" in 2007;
- The award "Best in Category" competitions "International Cane Spirits Festival" and "Polished palate International Rum Festival" in 2007 and 2008;
- Medal with distinction "Master" in the contest "Spirits Business Rum Masters Competition" in 2009;
- The award "Best Premium Gold Rum" at the contest "Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition" in 2011;
- The title of winner of the contest "Rum Howler Awards" in 2012.

Destilerias Unidas (DUSA) - distillery, located near the foothills of the Andes, near the national park Terepaima. The company was founded in 1959 and originally was an association of the leading distributors and manufacturers in the region, produces many kinds of alcoholic beverages - whiskey, gin, vodka and liqueurs. It was called "Licorerias Unidas SA". Issue of Roma had been got up only since 1961. The leading part of the shares and full control over the union belonged to the company "Seagram" until 2001, until the brand was acquired firms "Pernod Ricard" and "Diageo".
In November 2002, under the name Distilerias Unidas SA, the company moved to the charismatic leadership of a manager Jose Melendez R.Balesteros. For the production areas of the company was very well chosen location in the vicinity of 5 sugar factories, the national park "Terepaima" and wells with inexhaustible supplies of clean water with a low mineral content. In addition, local climate - + 30 ° C during the day and about + 6 ° C at night - in combination with high humidity provide ideal conditions for the rapid growth of sugar cane.

Today DUSA - is competitive, the company's development, strengthen the international level. Its special pride and success - the production of high quality rum. And in the words of the leaders of the company, their main goal - the satisfaction of their customers and providing consumers with an adequate level of quality drinks.


  • Strength:: 40%
  • Color : Dark
  • Сlassification: Reserve
  • Made from: Treacle And Сane Juice
  • Cask type: Bourbon Casks, Whiskey Casks
  • Body: Full Bodied
  • Exposure: 12 years
  • Website:
  • server brand :
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