Beer Bosteels, "DeuS" Brut des Flandres, 0.75 L

Ratings and Awards
BA-100 92
RB 97
OBBD 5.5
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Reviews of purchase Bosteels, "DeuS" Brut des Flandres, 0.75 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden-yellow color with abundant white foam.


Beer taste is mild, dry, with high carbonation, thick creamy texture, notes of flowers, spices, coriander and fruits (orange, lemon, apple, grapes, pears), hints of yeast, nuts, tart spicy and peppery notes, nuances of oak and amaretto. The finish is dry, fairly sweet, fruity.


Complex flavor beer combines shades of lemon, apple, sweet, yeast nuances of mango, apricot vine, brown sugar.


Beer well as an aperitif, goes well with fish, especially salmon, clams.

Interesting Facts

"DeuS" Brut des Flandres - unique Belgian beer, developed by representatives of the seventh generation of the family Bosteels - Antoine Bosteels. This "divine" drink is a new product of brewing, combining the characteristics of sparkling wine and a Belgian strong pale ale. Beer is made from traditional ales ingredients - barley malt, hops and pure water. Unusual are the same for a long maturation in bottles, whose term comes to a year, and subsequent processes and riddling degorgazha characteristic of the method "Champenoise". As a result of the production of mixed dry sparkling drink obtained is very interesting from a palette of taste and aroma. Like champagne, beer "DeuS" strongly recommended to use chilled.

Brewery Bosteels, located in the Belgian city Boggenhaut, was founded in 1791 and all these years belongs to the family Bosteels. Today, the brewery run by representatives of the seventh generation of the family. The brewery produces three beers: "Tripel Karmeliet", "Deus" and "Pauwel Kwak", each of which has won a number of awards at specialized contests.


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