Liqueur Bols Watermelon, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Bols Watermelon, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Liquor pinkish-red color.


Juicy watermelon flavor liquor supplemented with fine touch of marzipan.


Liquor has a fruity aroma with hints of watermelon.


Liquor in pure form fine ice and in cocktails, or any other blended beverages.

Interesting Facts

Natural watermelon liqueur Bols Watermelon has a juicy, sweet, fruity taste, refreshing and balanced, characterized by the presence of fine notes of marzipan and amazingly long finish. His juicy pink-red color and rich aroma tantalizing liquor helped win special favor of consumers and popularity around the world. Bols Watermelon liqueur is simply indispensable in the preparation of fresh fruit summer cocktails.

The company was founded by Lucas Bols in 1575 Bols family, who came to Amsterdam. The original name of the company was Het Lootsje. It was the Golden Age of the Netherlands - Amsterdam quickly became the world trade center, from around the world were brought here spices and herbs, which allowed Bols use them to create your own unique liqueurs, is rapidly gaining popularity. At the end of the XVII century succeeded by Lucas Bols, Bols brand glorify the whole world. Until 1816 secret recipes and management of the company passed on from father to son until the company had to sell. However, there was one condition - not to remove the name from the title of Bols.
To date, Lucas Bols - an independent company exports its products all over the world, more than a hundred countries. The reserve is a huge database of recipes for a variety of cocktails for every taste - of course, the obligatory element is precisely their liqueurs Bols. International Institute for Research in taste and flavor confirmed the quality of the products Boles. Independent experts who conducted a variety of tests, Bols liqueurs put far ahead of its direct competitors.


In our store you can buy liqueur Bols Watermelon, 0.7 L, price Bols Watermelon, 0.7 L — 1 299 rub.. Producer liqueur Lucas Bols. Delivery Bols Watermelon, 0.7 L.