Beer "Bohemia Regent" Premium Dark Lager, 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase "Bohemia Regent" Premium Dark Lager, 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer dark brown, almost black in color with ruby ​​reflections.


Beer taste sweet, refreshing, smooth, soft coated dark malt, hints of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit, brown sugar, nuances of toast and hops. In the lovely dry finish to the fore notes of roasted malt and hop bitterness, fruity shades.


Light aroma of beer filled with notes of sweet chocolate malt, hints of toffee, nuts, dried fruit and caramel.


Beer goes well with dishes of German and Latin American cuisine, with meat dishes (beef, smoked meat, roasted meat).

Interesting Facts

"Bohemia Regent" Premium Dark Lager - export dark lager is brewed according to traditional methods of the old Czech. Beer has attractive dark color, malty flavor and not at all typical of lager malt flavor with heavy tones that occur due to the use in the production of four malts. Also, it is composed of water from artesian wells, hops and yeast. After fermentation, the beer is matured in cellars for 60 days.

Regent brewery in Trebon was officially founded in 1379, although it is known that in 1367 the brewery already existed and operated by Augustinian monks. Equipping the first building of the brewery was very humble and primitive. But in 1482 significantly expands and receives new cellars. In the following years, due to the increasing popularity of beer, the factory several times rebuilt and modernized. At the end of the XVI century brewery produced about 1,896 hectoliters of beer per year, which is very good, given the competition of neighboring 19 breweries. Its present form plant found in the second half of the XIX century. At the same time, beer from the Trebon is becoming popular in Europe. In 1888 at an exhibition in Brussels plant received a diploma from the Belgian King for the quality of the beer.

After World War II, the brewery was restored with great difficulty. Changed owners, falling sales, while in 2000 the plant Regent Brewery was sold to the public limited company Bohemia Regent, belonged to the family Stasek. The name "Bohemia Regent" company was inspired by the life of the local knight Jakuba Krcina (one thousand five hundred thirty-three - 1,604), which originally served in Rosenberg, and later became regent of a large part of the kingdom of Bohemia - the region Vilema z Rozmberka, and was known as the "uncrowned king of the Bohemian kingdom."


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