Brandy "Black Stork" 3 Years Old, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Black Stork" 3 Years Old, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Brandy rich amber color.


Brandy demonstrates full, balanced taste with subtle floral and fruit and honey notes. The aftertaste is round, long, with a slight nutty flavor.


In an intriguing aroma of brandy and candied fruit notes of red fruits interwoven with clear tones of burnt oak and light floral nuances.


Brandy blends traditional French cuisine, will make a good pair of cigar and coffee.

Interesting Facts

Black Stork - a rare bird, which in most countries is listed in the Red Book. In ancient times, people believed that the black stork is king and leader of birds. Not surprisingly, the symbol and the name of the line of classic French brandy "Black Stork" has become this beautiful bird.

Grape brandy "Black Stork" is created from cognac distillates, of which an excerpt is 8 years or more. For the production of alcohols used noble grape varieties - Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc, which is grown in the regions of Grand Champagne and Petit. The long aging in oak barrels tames skittish nature of the drink, creating a beautiful and incredibly complex flavor in which wood tones blend harmoniously and fruit and honey notes.

Producer's description

Distillery A. de Fussigny was founded in 1814 in the Cognac region, on the shore of the picturesque Charente river. The owners of the distillery organically combine traditional secrets with modern know-how, so classic copper cubes for alcohol distillation, alambiki, here side by side with ultra-modern bottling line. Due to the fact that the distillery were located next to the river, in the basement of the ideal conditions for aging cognac and brandy. It is here that fine drinks mature and reach the desired degree of maturity.

A. de Fussigny produces cognacs and brandies aged 5, 8 and 15 years, which is a sign of quality. And every gourmet and connoisseur can choose for yourself the perfect drink.

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