Bas-Armagnac Veuve J. Goudoulin 1982, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Bas-Armagnac Veuve J. Goudoulin 1982, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Armagnac amber color with greenish highlights.


In the taste of vanilla and Armagnac felt caramel tones with a hint of prunes.


Armagnac has a delicate and spicy aroma.


Armagnac served as a digestif, it is recommended in combination with coffee and a cigar.

Interesting Facts

Bas-Armagnac Veuve J. Goudoulin 1982 - nice millezim with subtle spicy aroma of sweet spices. On the palate there are shades of Armagnac prunes, caramel and vanilla. It goes well with coffee and cigars, served as a digestif.

Jeanne Gudula (J. Goudoulin) founded the sale of Armagnac in 1935, soon her name became known to fans and connoisseurs of Armagnac. Her husband was a member of the First World War and died of his wounds. Despite this, Jeanne Gudula managed to create a company, which has long been successfully managed. In an age close to 80 years, took the reins of her grandson, Christian Faure (Christian Faure). Their estate is located in the Bas-Armagnac (Bas-Armagnac), in the region, which produces the best Armagnac, with special, complex bouquet.

Only the best millenzimnye Armagnac made in the House Gudula. It is known for its excellent collection that is created under the watchful supervision of Christian Faure and administration appellasona. Millezim indicated on the label - the year of harvest. Adding grape harvest a year is absolutely excluded.

Armagnac is known from medieval times, some from the XVI century. It is the oldest eau-de-vie (eau-de-vie) France. Armagnac is considered the birthplace of Gascony. In this scenic area are still operating a small distillery, distilled spirits according to ancient recipes. Stills are working non-stop, this leads to the fact that o-de-vie obtained particularly subtle, complex, with a full flavor. They are placed in oak barrels, which are made in the same region where kept very long time. As maturation Armagnac acquire peculiar to them a beautiful amber color and aristocratic flavor Rance - a complex specific aroma produced in some wines and grape brandy after prolonged exposure. Rance fragrance characterized by a combination of smells of mushrooms, fried bread, dried fruit, cheese, nuts, complemented by buttery flavor. This is the main component of the quality of Armagnac.


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