"Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Armagnac is a beautiful amber color.


Armagnac has a surprisingly mild taste with perfectly distinguishable notes of apricot, apple and quince, with a pleasant, warming finish.


Armagnac is characterized by a magnificent classic flavor, which harmoniously combines tones of vanilla, apple, quince and spice.


Armagnac is an excellent digestif, ie It helps digestion and is used at the end of the meal, but if it is used in the middle of dinner, then approach it smoked salmon, gourmet sausages, dishes Gascon cuisine, foie gras sauce, traditional flambe meat and game. Armagnac is served for dessert (Armagnac with an apple, chocolate), and the strength of the drink wears off a sweet dish. He's worth a try berries and fruits - agen prunes, cherries, raspberries, orange. Armagnac is also goes well with coffee and cigars.

Interesting Facts

... The French say: "Cognac we presented worldwide and Armagnac left myself."

"Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac ("Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac) - This excellent Armagnac is a true classic. Magnificent transparent amber color, fireworks of various flavors, endlessly long finish that characterizes the highest quality product. For a long time exposure alcohols lost his aggressiveness and acquired a pleasant tannins. Perfect quality Armagnac warms body and soul, giving an exquisite pleasure. Year Armagnac is indicated on the bottle. At the same time on the back label, you can find more specific date and spill.
Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand, 1969 in the beautiful crystal decanter is always a welcome gift for any occasion, will allow to join the tradition of the legendary land of particular interest as a birthday gift with the same birth date. Armagnac is extremely easy to drink, because it has a surprisingly mild taste.

Homeland Armagnac, Gascony is an area - the southern province of France. Mention of Armagnac are found in the 18th century when it was used as a drug, but then there is the concept of cru (cru) of alcohols and the recognition of Bas-Armagnac (Bas-Armagnac) - the most prestigious area, which produces the best spirits, local product a softer with a slight smell of violets and cinnamon. Alcohols of grapes in the area unusually powerful taste with a long, extremely fragrant. The Armagnac is dominated by grape varieties: Ugni Blanc (Ugni Blanc) (up to 75% of the area) and Colombard (Colombard), Folle Blanche (Folle Blanch) and Bako 22A (Vaso 22A) - the only hybrid used for the production of spirits.

Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand made ​​cognac House L'Heureux (Lheraud), whose history dates back to 1680, from the owner Alexandra L'Heureux, vineyards that are in Petit Champagne, near the town of Cognac. In 1970, the business moves Guy L'Heureux. It is engaged in the production and sale of cognac under the name "Sognac Guy Lheraud».
Currently, the estate has 182 acres of land, which is approximately 80 hectares, on which grows the grapes varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. Brandy House L'Heureux produces high-quality Cognacs and Pineau Charentes (Pino de Charantes).

As Armagnac, L'Heureux House bought the estate, left without heirs, because of the rich deposits millezimnyh aged Armagnac, in order to replenish the product range. In the second half of the 19th century, L'Heureux family acquired classic armanyachny distillation apparatus and received permission for the production of grape alcohol. Armagnac distilled once. Baron Gaston Legrand Armagnac aged in oak barrels for a few - in the new, to drink absorbed energetic scent of fresh wood, and then the older - for slow and harmonious ripening, and even this is done in order to remove excess tannins. Black Oak Armagnac suitable for more than Tronse of oak or Limousin. The barrels, the volume of which is from 700 to 1200 liters, stored on the earthen floor in the cellars, built of local stone. The aging process, evaporation and blending the same with the same process in brandy, but, as a rule, able to grow old armagnac no more than 40 years. After such period shall spill into glass tanks or bottles, which stops the aging process and Armagnac retains all its best properties. Very often, the concept is applicable to the vintage Armagnac (distilling of one year). Millezimnyh Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand are the hallmark of the House of L'Heureux - although in his present scheme options and the traditional categories: VS, VSOP and XO. The Armagnac is a product appreciated by the variability: drinks from different years of production of the same House may have dissimilar taste and aroma.

Good Armagnac shows an interesting variety of flavors. The most typical aromas of Armagnac seven: hazelnut, peach, violet, lime, vanilla, prunes and pepper. Millezimnyh Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand from 1900 to 1995 are distinguished by their flavors and taste different vintages. At a young vintages dominate notes of peach, violet, mint, and always present background flavor of minerals and wet ground. In the more matured Armagnac millezimnyh palette changes appear berry and woody tones, combined with aromas of dried fruit.


In our store you can buy armagnac "Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac, 0.7 L, price "Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac, 0.7 L — 73 786 rub.. Producer armagnac Lheraud. Delivery "Baron G. Legrand" 1969 Bas Armagnac, 0.7 L.