Syrup Barline, Litchi, 1 L

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Tasting Notes


The syrup is a pleasant orange-peach color.


Intense, expressive, tropical, refreshing, sweet syrup filled with shades of litchi.


Gentle, delicate, exotic flavor syrup is filled with tones of lychee and light, subtle nuances of tea rose.


Syrup perfectly complement a host of cocktails, coffee and tea.

Interesting Facts

"Litchi" - Interesting, original syrup with hints of lychee fruit, delicate aroma and tropical character that is created from carefully selected products and the level of quality is not inferior to their Western counterparts. This syrup is used as an addition to cocktails, tea or coffee, bringing exotic drinks unique tone. Lychee ("Chinese plum") - Is the fruit of the tree of the family Sapindaceae. It is known that 200 years before the Christian era, the Chinese have used this fruit to eat. Gradually, the plant has spread across Asia and now has won the South-East of this part of the continent the title of one of the most popular fruits. The first appearance of litchi in Europe dates back to the 17th century.

"Barline" - a Russian company that has existed for over 10 years. Today the production technology company fully comply with Western standards, and as a raw material are used only the best products - cane sugar from Brazil, the purest water from artesian wells and the basis of the best European suppliers. The company history begins in 2000, when fairly well-known people in the bar industry in Russia inspired by the innovative idea of ​​creating a line of domestic syrups, which would become a worthy competitor to Western products. A team of professionals - bartenders, technologists and many others enthusiastically explored Marketing products, allowing them to create their own, unique recipes syrups. Initially the line "Barline" included only 5 varieties of the product. The first batch of syrup was released in 2000, within the walls of a small plant, which delivers "Russian Jam" class "premium" in Germany. After 2 years Barline line was extended to 23 kinds of products.
By 2006, as the promotion of syrups and trends using them not only in beverages, but also in culinary products, the company "Barline" has decided to expand the production base and get personal artesian wells. At the moment, the main task of professionals "Barlayn" - a strict quality control, from the purchase of ingredients and ending with samples of finished products. The company continues to improve the recipe syrups, develop and improve its market position.
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