Wine Barkan, Carignan Monfort

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Reviews of purchase Barkan, Carignan Monfort

Tasting Notes


The wine has a beautiful garnet color.


Rounded, harmonious, sredneteloe wine has a well balanced taste with soft tannins and notes of juicy red berries.


In the bright flavor of wine is dominated by expressive notes of red berries, cranberry and red currant.


The wine goes well with meat dishes, veal, braised eggplant, cheese.

Interesting Facts

Carignan Monfort, from the Israeli company Barkan, is a nice, round, aromatic wine, which prevails in the blend Carignano grape variety (85%), supplemented by a small proportion of grape Argaman (15%). Sort Carignano prefers warm, dry climate, so well adapted to the microclimate of Israel. This grape has a good acidity, its aroma is dominated by notes of dark and red berries, pepper, licorice and spices, but the lack of good body and color depth can use it primarily as a part of blends. Grape varieties used Argaman blended to adjust the color of wine, it also has a sweet fruity taste and soft tannins. The two grape varieties complement each other perfectly, and elegant wine lovers will appreciate the soft, velvety taste and a pleasant berry flavor drink.

Producer's description

History Barkan winery began in 1899 with a small winery, built by Solomon Friedman for the production of brandy, cognac and sweet wines. In 1964 the company became the owner of the food holding "Tnuva". Later was built winery. And in 1990, Yair Lerner and Shmoel Boxer purchased wine company and founded Barkan Wine Cellars. Barkan Company is one of the largest in Israel, 25% of the shares owned by the state holding wine. The main factory is located in the commune of Hulda, near the city of Rehovot. Barkan Company is constantly evolving, investing heavily in the construction of wineries and the acquisition of new vineyards. The company's products are very popular and are certified as Kosher.


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