Whisky "Balmenach Galore" 10 Years Old , 2000, Speyside, gift tube, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Balmenach Galore" 10 Years Old , 2000, Speyside, gift tube, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whisky has a bright color sparkling gold.


Whisky has a pleasant, mild creamy flavor with a creamy sweet-bitter nuances.


The aroma of this strong drink disclosed tones of green apple, pineapple, banana and lime, mint and vanilla faceted nuances.


This whiskey is perfectly revealed in conjunction with a cigar.

Interesting Facts

Balmenach Galor, 2000 - this is an excellent single malt Scotch whiskey with interesting tones of vanilla, lime, banana and fresh apples in flavor. Ten-year aging in oak barrels and bottling without filtration prior cold give this whiskey softness and elegance. Collection of whiskey "Galore" - the latest generation of single malt whiskey from Scotland "premium" class. All the spirits of this line are bottled without pre-filtering and coloring. Whiskey "Galore" has become even better known thanks to the famous incident sluchivshimusya in 1941, when the ship is fully laden with bottles of this excellent drink, sank off the west coast of Scotland. The surprise and delight of local islanders knew no bounds when washed ashore to a huge amount of free, "contraband" whiskey. Today the company Duncan Taylor offers the widest selection of single malt whiskeys, providing a huge range of each of the regions, known thanks to the production of whiskey in Scotland.
Single malt whiskey - a traditional strong alcoholic drink Scotch, which is used when creating malt previously fumigated peat smoke. In the technology of the drink is a mandatory process double distillation. Culture creation of single malt whiskeys are available in other countries, although in each of the corners of the world production technology of this drink are somewhat different. The Irish, for example, dried malt in special closed ovens, and distillation process is carried out three times. The most famous and won worldwide popularity of whiskey with the Scottish island of Islay, the secret is in the unique impacts of marine climate that brings a soft drink and finesse.

Balmenach - distillery, founded in 1824 by James McGregor, who was a great-grandfather Bruce Lockhart - creator of the famous book about whiskey called "Scotch: the Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story". With brand "Balmenach" related an interesting story that happened in the 19th century. Mr. McGregor once visited by an Englishman, held the post of tax collector, in order to see how life takes an average farmer in the area. Guest interested in building situated on the land owner. Learning that is shed, designed for drying peat, the Englishman was surprised and overcome by curiosity. James Mekgregor, being a man of simple and hospitable, If we are talking about the case of his life, offered the visitor to taste the fruits of his activities - Cancel whiskey. Leaving Guest together with many thanks McGregor gave good advice - get a license "on the shed." Thus, the owner of the distillery "Balmenach" in 1823 became one of the first farmers who received a formal right to produce whiskey. Previously, there was only one variation of this spill strong drink - only 12-year-old whiskey. In 1998, the owner of "Balmenach" was the company "Inver House", introducing new official versions of spills.
Duncan Taylor (Duncan Taylor) - one of the leading companies in the production of single malt whiskey. Earlier, the "heart" of the company was in Glasgow and they are mainly engaged in the production brokerage shotladsky whiskey. Not so long ago, the company moved to Speyside - closer to known regions, famous for the creation of strong drink, and they decided skontsentrirovatsya on creating and marketing their own brands. To date, "Duncan Taylor" carefully controls the entire process of creating a whiskey - from the time of collection of malt to bottling and packaging design, leaving the quality of their own products to their top priority.


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