Cognac Bache-Gabrielsen, XO Fine Champagne, 50 ml

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Reviews of purchase Bache-Gabrielsen, XO Fine Champagne, 50 ml

Tasting Notes


Cognac dark golden brown.


Expressive and powerful taste of cognac lacks persuasive weight. Notes of apple, cinnamon and caramel lead to lush, rich, sweet aftertaste, which show through the exquisite tones of old leather, vanilla and cedar.


Elegant and complex aroma of cognac is a blend of intense floral shades, tones of spices, dried fruit and light nuances of citrus fruits.


Cognac is recommended as a nice digestif paired with a Cuban cigar and fragrant coffee.

Interesting Facts

Cognac XO Fine Champagne is a blend of selected distillates from Grande Champagne (65%) and Petite Champagne (35%). These terroirs are especially valued for their chalky soil, ideal for growing grapes. Alcohol-based grape variety is Ugni Blanc (95%), which was supplemented by a small number of varieties of Colombard and Folle Blanche (5%). Manufacturing begins with the manufacture of cognac young wine whose quality markedly affect the final product. After fermentation in steel tanks, reaching 7-11% of the fortress, the wine is subjected to double distillation. The resulting product is placed in oak barrels where it matures for more than 15 years to have a full right to be proud name cognac. The Bache-Gabrielsen used barrels from Limousin oak gives to drink unique bouquet of different shades of spices. The median age was XO Fine Champagne cognac distillates estimated 20 years. For the development of cognac in the company monitors experienced master Jean-Philippe Bergier, who works here since 1989. The annual evaporation, the so-called "angels share", ranging from 1 to 3%. According to the company, anywhere in the world happens so many angels, in the region of Cognac. Volume evaporated liquid would be sufficient to fill a million bottles. So maybe really all about who goes to heaven, get there a sip superb cognac?

XO Fine Champagne has repeatedly been awarded prizes and medals at international competitions, among which are the gold medal in 2010 and a double gold medal 2009 on the "San Francisco World Spirits Cornilleau Competition", a gold medal at the "International Wine & Spirits Competition" in 2011, and recognition of the best in its class in the "New York Spirits Award, 2014".

Producer's description

House Bache-Gabrielsen - a family company, located in the heart of Cognac, whose feature is the successful symbiosis of crafts, traditions, culture and nature. This is a good example of a combination of small-scale production and business productivity solutions. Today Bash-Gabrielsen ranked sixth in the world in terms of sales, while 20 years ago only 2,000 bottles were sold in Norway. Today the figure is a staggering 1,300,000 bottles. Excellent growth is the result of the initial attention to the quality management of beverages, thereby creating a positive image of its products.

The history of the dynasty Bache-Gabrielsen like French fairy tale, where it all began with a love of a young Norwegian lieutenant Thomas Bash Gabrielsena a beautiful French girl from a respected wine-making family Willard. Throwing service, he went to conquer his chosen France. There he and another native of Norway, Peter Anton Rustad became the owner of the cognac house Dupuis. The story could have ended like all fairy tales, "he got the princess and half the kingdom into the bargain." But, of course, it did not stop, and it was not so simple: the development of the company had invested a painstaking and selfless work. Settling in France, Thomas has not forgotten his roots, and raised three sons who were born in the spirit of the Norwegian tradition. Due to the old production relations homes Rustard-Bash-Gabrielsen (the name was the company to death companion Thomas) Dupuis and became especially popular in Scandinavia.

Currently the business is run by the great-grandson of Thomas bash-Gabrielsen - Herve. As a child, he participated in the production - helping sealed bottle. After receiving education in economics in 2003, Herve returned to the company where his father is still chairman of the board. Herve has developed its own marketing strategy, which has helped home bash-Gabrielsen adapt to changes in the international market for cognac, which seeks to attract younger consumers. Taking into account the average size of the company compared with houses giants, the results are impressive. Bache-Gabrielsen continues to maintain leadership in the markets in Scandinavia and expands its sphere of influence in Europe.


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